White Flowering Shrubs

When we think of flowering shrubs, we often think of bright colors such as pink, red, yellow, purple, etc., but nothing says a classy and sophisticated garden like white flowering shrubs. White flowers add a crispness to any garden, regardless of the aesthetic. The contrast between white petals and green foliage is sure to pull you in. White flowering shrubs are a perfect complement to surrounding bold colored flowers and add break up multicolored floral gardens.

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Whether you are looking for white Hydrangeas like Annabelle Hydrangea or Blushing Bride Hydrangea Shrubs or rose bushes such as Popcorn Drift Rose Bushes, we have over 100 different white flowering shrub options at Garden Goods Direct.

White flowering shrubs are the perfect accent to colorful gardens and even add a pop of brightness to gardens full of greenery. To ensure you get the best white flowering shrub for your garden, first, check your grow zone and then get to shopping!