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Deutzia Shrubs are commonly grown as ornamental plants. Deutzia’s are hardy shrubs with white or pink flowers in the spring. Deutzia shrubs feature masses of gorgeous blooms, have wonderful fall color, are deer resistant, and do not have any significant disease problems. Deutzias typically bloom in April and May.

Deutzias are low mounding shrubs and produce an abundance of flowers. Flowering deutzia shrubs are very tolerant of many soil types and light conditions. Deutzia’s prefer well drained. Pruning is rarely needed and too much pruning can harm the shrub, so it is best to prune dead branches only, and then lightly prune in spring immediately after flowering to help produce thick mounds of foliage. Use Deutzia as an informal deciduous hedge, or along foundations or simply as a woody ground-cover.

Deutzia is a ground cover type shrub that tolerates full sun. Growing 2 to 3 feet tall and wide. it produces a lovely cascading effect and produces delicate white flowers. To produce a healthy plant, be sure to learn about the specific varieties that we offer and their preferred conditions.

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Information on our best selling Deutzias:

  • Deutzia Nikko: Deutzia Nikko is a compact dwarf cultivar with bright green leaves that produces lovely white double blooms in the late spring. The arching branches of this plant continue their display through the season, with leaves turning a deep burgundy color in the fall.
  • Deutzia Chardonnay PearlsDeutzia Chardonnay Pearls is a slightly different, rounded cultivar. The arching branches produce numerous pearl-like buds in the spring, which burst into star-shaped flowers. Once the flowers have faded, the green foliage turns a bright yellow into the fall.
  • Deutzia Yuki Cherry Blossom Deutzia Yuki Cherry Blossom produces numerous pink and white buds that burst into attractive star-shaped flowers in spring. When the flowers have faded, this plant continues to shine with its bright green foliage that turns burgundy in the fall.

Deutzia are best planted in Full to Partial Sun as this brings out the best color in the foliage. Very little is needed as far as care is concerned.. A supplemental watering is sometimes beneficial during periods of prolonged drought. If after many years your Deutzia seems tired they can be pruned hard. Doing this in the spring is the best opportunity as the plant has the most vigor during the spring.

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