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Long Blooming Perennials for Sale Online

Have you been trying to figure out what long blooming perennials to plant that will provide your landscape with the brightest and longest flower show in the neighborhood?  Maybe your tired of planting annuals every spring in order to get flowers that bloom all summer.We have done your homework. At Garden Goods, we aren't just a nursery we are gardeners as well. We want the same thing you do in our home gardens. Our goal was to assemble a plant list based on our experience trying to provide our perennial gardens with longest display of color with minimum input.

Our list of the easiest to grow, long blooming perennials is always growing.

Perhaps you're looking for an early spring flowering plant such as Ajuga 'Bronze Beauty' with its dark green leaves and violet-blue flowers. Ajuga is also a great deer resistant ground cover.

Coreopsis Zagreb begins to bloom in early summer and through mid-summer. It summer-blooming yellow flowers provide a bright splash to any full sun garden for months on end.

We offer a wide array of perennial flowering Savias. Salvias are well known throughout the gardening community for being drought tolerant plants. The green foliage end extended blooming times make these a welcome addition to any full sun garden. Salvia May Night was voted the perennial plant of the year back in 1997 and has continued to be a strong seller throughout the united states.

Another of our favorite long-blooming perennials is Nepeta Walkers Low. Nepeta Walkers Low (named after a place in England, not its growth habit) is a stunning non-reseeding Catmint selection with attractive, crinkled blue-green foliage and a profusion of deep lavender-blue flowers. Cut back just above ground-level in mid-spring after the first flush of blooms. Many new catmints have been introduced since this introduction but we always find ourselves going back to this standout.

Sedum Autumn Joy is one of the favorite fall blooming perennials. It is by far the most low maintenance perennials known to gardeners. It is drought tolerant and even after the color fades from the flowers it stands stalwart during the winter.

When planned out correctly you can literally have color and interest in the perennial garden during every month of the year. Our list of long-blooming perennials continues to grow monthly and we are happy to help answer any questions you may have. The best perennial gardens also should include evergreen shrubs to "anchor" the garden and give it a sense of permanence. So feel free to browse our collection of evergreen shrubs.