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Daylily sun perennials are beautiful flowers, beloved for their large blooms and their varied colors. No matter your application, these plants are sure to add some interest to your landscape.

Types of Daylily

Daylilies are loved across the United States for their vivid blooms and numerous applications in gardens. Whether you want a specimen to add variety to your border, or something to plant in mass around your fence line, daylilies are an excellent choice for their bright coloration and summer-long beauty.

Garden Goods Direct offers several varieties of daylily, varying widely in coloration:

  • The Round Midnight Daylily: A darker cultivar with big, deep purple flowers and white margins
  • The Daylily Pardon Me: Much brighter, with red flowers with yellow-green throats
  • The Mini Pearl: A smaller variety with peach flowers and yellow throats.
  • The Daylily Stella de Oro’: Blooms from mid-June through fall if kept up, making it unbeatable in terms of bloom volume.
  • The Daylily Happy Returns: Compact plant that blooms with lemon yellow flowers from late spring to frost

Why Plant Daylilies?

Daylilies are colorful additions to any landscape, whether you’re working with a residential or commercial area. The blooms themselves are fragrant and colorful, attracting butterflies through the growing season, while the foliage provides a lovely backdrop and great texture and color after the daylily is finished blooming.

On top of these aesthetic benefits, daylilies are highly utilitarian. Hardy and easy to care for, daylilies will do excellent by themselves with very little maintenance, making them great for weekend gardeners who have little time for fussy plants. They’re also versatile, able to be planted as specimens or in mass for borders, edges or broad swaths of land.

Tips for Choosing the Right Variety of Daylily Sun Perennials

The first thing you should consider before choosing an evergreen daylily shrub for your garden is the climate. Most daylilies grow well in USDA plant hardiness zones 3 through 9, making them suitable for all but the northernmost and southernmost regions of the United States. Be sure to check the variety you like to make sure it’s appropriate for your area.

Beyond this climate issue, choose a daylily variety that fits your aesthetic preferences. You can plant combinations of lilies for a more variegated landscape, or plant single cultivars for mass quantities of a single-color palette.

How to Care for Hemerocallis Perennials

Proper care begins with how to plant daylily sun perennials. Try to plant during the early spring or early fall for the best results, in an area with full sun. Daylilies are forgiving of most soil types, except very sandy or very wet types. Consider fertilizing the soil as you plant to support root health, and be sure to water your daylily well until it’s well established.

If you’re concerned about how to care for daylily sun perennials, you shouldn’t be. A basic fertilizer in the spring is all you need to keep your daylilies healthy. As for water, hydrate your daylilies as needed to get through drought conditions, but it’s okay to forget about them for a few weeks, as they tolerate dry conditions well. Finally, to keep blooms coming throughout the season, it’s best to deadhead your daylilies.

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