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Petunia Plants are the perfect easy-to-care-for plant for direct sun areas. From late spring to summer, bright, vivid blooms of various colors make a show in your garden. However, midsummer Petunias tend to get leggy, but don't worry! Prune the shoots back, about half their length, to encourage new and healthy growth. Petunias tend to be planted en masse, patios, and container gardens. These annuals grow upwards of 6 to 18 inches and spread from 18 inches to 4 feet wide.

How To Care for Petunias

To thrive, Petunias need full sun and well-draining soil conditions. These annuals are heat-tolerant, meaning you can water them once a week. Fertilize your Petunias once a month during their growing season. Remember never to fertilize your plants in the winter; it will damage your plant. If you are planting new Petunias, wait to begin until the last spring frost, and be sure to space them 1 foot apart.


Petunias are heat-tolerant, so you do not have to water them on a strict schedule. A thorough watering once a week will keep your plant happy and thriving. If you live in an area with long periods of dry heat or drought, water your Petunias more frequently until the weather cools off. Also, avoid watering shallowly; this could encourage shallow roots. Overwatering will cause your plant's roots to rot and cause permanent damage to your plant. If you have recently pruned your plant, make sure to fertilize and follow up with a thorough watering to ensure your plant is ready for new growth.


Petunias prefer to be planted in well-draining soil. If your plant is outside, find an area in your garden with excellent drainage. If your plant is potted, use a soil-less mix. Petunias are heat-tolerant, and their soil can dry out in between waterings without causing and damage. These plants are environmentally versatile, but it is crucial to make sure your plant's soil doesn't stay wet for long periods.


Petunias need to be planted in direct sunlight. If they are in shaded areas or areas that receive more shade than the sun, they will not flower and become spindly. If you are growing your Petunias from the seed, keep them indoors for about ten weeks where they can get lots of light to germinate.


During their growing period, fertilize your Petunias once a month. Petunias prefer a well-balanced fertilizer that will support their rapid growth and heavy blooming habits. Double-flower cultivars should receive bi-weekly doses of fertilizer. Also, it is crucial to fertilize your annuals after you have pruned them. Fertilize and water well to promote new growth to make its way out after the dead and diseased parts of your plant have been cut away. Remember not to fertilize your Petunias during the winter. Feeding them in the winter could disrupt their growing dormancy period and negatively impact them the following growing season.


Petunias have few serious insect or disease issues to worry about. It is best to avoid wetting their foliage and flowers when you are watering. Doing so will help prevent diseases created by insects like slugs or aphids. Also, be careful when watering your plant, do not drown its roots. Root rot will cause permanent damage or kill your plants.

How to Plant Your Petunias 

It is crucial to wait for the soil in your garden to reach a consistent temperature of 60 degrees, and all danger of frost has passed. Plan out the placement of your Petunias about 12 inches apart to allow them to spread to their mature size. Ensure the area you are planting your annuals will be in bright, direct sunlight.

If you are growing your Petunias from seeds, begin the process by keeping them indoors. Place the Petunia seeds on top of a container filled with clean, damp potting soil. Water them with a fine mist and cover them with clear plastic until the seeds begin to sprout. If you place them in bright, indirect light, you should see them sprout in 7 to 10 days.

Once the seedlings have three true leaves, you can transplant them into individual peat pots to prepare them for outdoor living. Before taking them outside full-time, harden off the young plants by putting them outdoors on sunny, warm days and bring them back in at night. Next thing you know, your Petunias will be ready for the outdoors in no time!

Types of Petunias Offered at Garden Goods Direct

Wave Petunias

  • Easy Wave Burgandy Velour Petunias
  • Easy Wave Blue Petunias
  • Easy Wave White Petunias
  • Easy Wave Violet Petunias
  • Easy Wave Rose Dawn Petunias

Headliner Petunias

  • Headliner Night Sky Petunia 
  • Headliner Rasberry Swirl Petunia

Cascadias Petunias

  • Cascadias Rim Chianti Petunia
  • Cascadias Rim Violet Petunia
  • Cascadias Rim Magenta Petunia
  • Cascadia Purple Gem Petunia
  • Cascadias Bi-color Cabernet Petunia

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