Portulacas for Sale Online

Portulaca looks beautiful as a low-growing ground cover or in a hanging basket where it can trail down. Their vibrant flowers come in colors such as fuchsia, tangerine, and yellow. Their succulent-like foliage complements each flower color and adds a bit of contrast between flower and thick leaf. These plants love to be in full sunlight for hours on end; the more sun, the better! Make sure you plant them in well-draining soil conditions and water sparingly. They are heat and drought-tolerant plants that do not require much water. If you overwater your Portulaca, you could run into root rot disease. Plant your new annual in a window box or as a "spiller" in mixed container plantings and watch your beautiful plant blossom.

How to Care for Portulacas 


Portulacas tolerate many kinds of soil, but they prefer sandy, well-draining soil conditions the most. These annuals are heat and drought-tolerant, meaning you should never overwater their soil. Doing so could lead to oversaturating of their roots and cause damage. As long as your plant is in full sunlight and well-draining soil, it should thrive easily.


Portulacas must be planted in full-sun areas of your garden. If they are in the shade, they may not bloom at all. We recommend giving them at least 6 to 8 hours of full sunlight each day, preferably more. If your Portulaca is in a container, make sure the container is in an area that does not receive lots of shade. Depending on your landscape, a patio may not be the best option because your home could shade the plant for too many hours a day.


These annuals are heat and drought-tolerant and do not need water very often. Their cylindrical foliage retains moisture very well, meaning a regular watering schedule is not necessary. When you water them, a light watering will be plenty because their root zone is relatively shallow. Be careful not to overwater your Portulacas because this could lead to root rot disease and damage your plant's root system.


We recommend fertilizing your plants with a light application of a balanced, organic fertilizer into their soil before planting. In early summer, douse your plants with a liquid fertilizer to ensure they grow to their best potential. Make sure not to over-feed your plants because this could have the opposite effect on them and stunt their growth.  

Types of Portulacas Offered at Garden Goods Direct

Portulaca Pazzaz Yellow

A non-stop blooming, sunny yellow flower that sports large blooms and shiny-green succulent leaves. This plant spreads and is best suited for hanging baskets, window boxes, or as the spiller in mixed container plantings. 

Portulaca Pazzaz Fuchsia

These annuals sport large hot pink and fuchsia blooms highlighted by their deep green foliage. Portulacas flowers open up very early in the morning and stay open well into the evening hours. These easy-to-care-for annuals look beautiful in hanging baskets or window boxes. 

Portulaca Pazzaz Tangerine

This Portulaca blooms unique orange blossoms that are beautifully complemented by shiny-green foliage. They are impressive when potted in hanging baskets or as the focal point "spiller" plant in mixed container plantings.