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Buy Perennials for Shade Online | Garden Goods Direct


Buy Perennials to Plant in Shade | Garden Goods Direct

If you’re looking to brighten up the shaded areas of your garden, shade perennials are the way to do it. These plants come back year after year, adding color and texture to the shaded or partially shaded areas of your landscape.

Several varieties of shade-loving perennials are available for sale from Garden Goods Direct, ranging in type from flowered varieties to leafy shrubs. We’ll help you every step of the way with our simple online ordering services and expert advice.

What Types of Shade Perennials Are There?

Shade-loving perennials turn the dim areas of your garden into textured areas of color that will come back each growing season. These plants vary in species and type, with their only defining features being that they perform beautifully in partial and full shade. Partial shade areas are defined as areas that get three to four hours of sun per day, as opposed to areas with full shade that receive no direct sunlight at all.

Several types of plants are suitable for growing in full or partial shade. Perennial flowers for shade areas include:

  • Anemone
  • Aster
  • Astilbe
  • Bleeding Heart
  • Geranium
  • Hellebore
  • Spiderwort

Non-flowering varieties of shade perennials include ferns, Heuchera, Hosta, Mondo Grass, and Wintergreen Teaberry.

Why Should You Plant Shade Perennials on Your Property?

Whether you plant a shade-only garden or make it part of a more extensive decorated landscape, adding shade plants to your landscape can be of huge benefit to you. Perennials that like shade can easily be added around trees, enhancing them as focal points in your garden and taking advantage of space that would otherwise go unused.

Additionally, you can add shade gardens in the shadows of walls and buildings and other areas that wouldn’t successfully grow sun plants. Planting shade-only gardens can also be beneficial from a personal comfort perspective, as maintaining a shade garden saves gardeners from working under the hot sun.

How Can You Find the Right Shade Perennial for Your Home?

When choosing a shade-loving perennial plant for your home, the biggest factor is choosing the right plant for your area and your garden. Shade perennials tend to be hardy plants that require less maintenance than most sun gardens, but it’s still important to pick plants that are suited to your climate.

Beyond these considerations, choose the perennial suited to your aesthetic preferences. Several floral and non-flowering varieties exist, so you can choose which option you like best. As a suggestion, light-colored leaves and petals look particularly striking against the dark backdrop of a shade garden, so take that into consideration when planning.

How Do You Care for Your Shade Perennial?

Provided your shade perennial is a good fit for your local climate, all you need to do to ensure its health is feed and water it occasionally. Because they exist away from the sun and heat, plants that like shade don’t dry out as much as sun plants. It’s still important to fertilize and water the soil to promote healthy root growth, but take the individual needs of the plant into account, including its conditions.

Though they tend to be sun-hardy, perennial plants in shady areas aren’t always resistant to pests and diseases. Rot can be particularly problematic if you’re overwatering them. For these reasons, be sure to regularly check their leaves and stems for signs of rot or dieback.

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