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Buy Barberry Shrubs Online | Garden Goods Direct


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Barberries are among the most popular shrubs around. They are very hardy, deer resistant, they have small thorns that make them an excellent barrier or hedge, in fact, some insurance companies recommend planting them as foundation shrubs under windows to deter break-ins. They are equally happy in full sun or partial shade, and they come in all different colors ranging from bright red like Barberry Admiration with its golden leaf margins to the cooling dark red (almost purple) Barberry Crimson Pygmy and everything in-between. Each variation adds plenty of interest to the landscape. They do lose their leaves during the winter in colder zones, so plant them with other shrubs that are evergreen. During the spring summer and Fall, nothing pairs better in our opinion than the hot reds of barberries with the cool blues and greens of conifers like Blue Chip Juniper. Our offering of barberry shrubs is ever-growing and we are pleased to be able to offer this wonderful group of plants.

Have you considered adding barberry shrubs to your landscape, but aren’t sure where to start?

Information on our best-selling Barberries:

Barberry Crimson PygmyCrimson Pygmy Barberry is a dwarf, densely branched shrub displaying deep crimson colored foliage all season long. The best color is achieved when planted in full sun. Excellent color contrast against green or gold-leaved plants.

Admiration Barberry:  Admiration Barberry is guaranteed to make your friends do a double take! Red hot leaves are edged in neon yellow. It holds its color well through the summer even in the full sun. Admiration Barberry is sure to capture attention!

Barberry Rosy Glow: Rosy Glow Barberry is a dense, older cultivar which grows 3′-6′ tall and takes to pruning well. in the spring the newly emerging leaves are purple, but as they mature they turn a rose-pink mottled with bronze to purplish red splotches.