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Barberry Shrubs are among the most popular shrubs around. They are very hardy, deer-resistant shrubs. They have small thorns that make them an excellent privacy barrier or hedge; in fact, some insurance companies recommend planting them as foundation shrubs under windows to deter break-ins. 

They are equally happy in full sun or partial shade, and they come in all different colors ranging from bright red like Barberry Admiration with its golden leaf margins to the cooling dark red (almost purple) Barberry Crimson Pygmy and everything in-between. Each variation adds plenty of interest to the landscape. 

They do lose their leaves during the winter in colder zones, so plant them with other shrubs that are evergreen. During the spring, summer, and fall, nothing pairs better in our opinion than the hot reds of barberries with the cool blues and greens of conifers like Blue Chip Juniper. Our offering of barberry shrubs is ever-growing and we are pleased to be able to offer this wonderful group of plants.

Benefits of Barberry Shrubs

Vibrant Color

The number one reason you would choose to plant a Barberry shrub would be to enjoy the plant's vibrant hues throughout the seasons! Although deciduous and losing their leaves in late fall to early winter, these shrubs are a wonderful option for providing irresistible early fall color!

Coming in various colors, no matter what Barberry Shrub you choose to plant, you will surely be pleased with the bold color that persists throughout the seasons. The popular yard shrubs boast deep maroon to neon green hues depending on the variety you choose.

Low-Maintenance Care

The next benefit to planting Barberry Shrubs is the ease of care! Growing uniformly, these landscape plants require little attention yet give the look of a manicured, well-maintained yard!

Outside of the occasional pruning, these shrubs only require moderate watering and infrequent fertilization.

Tolerant To Most Conditions

On top of their low-maintenance care regimen, these easy-to-grow shrubs are well-loved for their tolerance to a wide range of conditions!

Specifically, Barberry Bushes are praised for tolerating urban conditions more than their shrub counterparts.

As a bonus, these hardy shrubs are extremely deer resistant! The sharp thorns on the Barberry Bushes keep pesky unwanted visitors at bay.

How to Select Barberry Shrubs for Your Yard

Choosing the right Barberry shrub for your landscaping can be difficult because there are so many different shapes, sizes, and varieties to choose from! There are a few factors that you should take into account when selecting Boxwoods for your landscape.

What is Your USDA Grow Zone?

The first step to selecting the right Barberry is determining your designated USDA Grow Zone. Lucky for you, we've simplified this step with the help of our Grow Zone Finder Tool!

Simply enter your zip code into the search bar and be amazed as the tool determines your Grow Zone and gives you a list of plants perfectly suited for your climate!

How much space is there?

Once you find a species that best suits your unique growing conditions, you are ready to determine the proper spacing for your new Barberry Shrubs.

Some Barberry Shrubs, like the popular Admiration Barberry, have compact growth habits making them ideal for smaller gardens and secluded spaces in the landscape. Other Barberries tend to grow larger, so it is important to consider their mature growth size when determining proper spacing.

Selecting Non-Invasive Species

Certain species of Barberry, specifically Japanese Barberry, can be considered invasive depending on where you live. The well-being of your local ecosystem needs to do your due diligence in determining whether the Barberry you select is non-invasive in your state.

You can utilize the National Invasive Species Information Center to determine which Barberry Plants not to plant in your state.

How to Care For Your Barberry Shrubs


The first step to planting your Barberry Shrub is selecting a well-draining soil medium. Also, Barberries grow best in full sun but will tolerate partial shade conditions.

When getting your new shrub in the ground, dig a hole at least two times as wide and as deep as the rootball of your plant. Backfill your soil and water thoroughly.


While tolerant of most conditions, Barberry Shrubs prefer to dry out between waterings and do not thrive in overly wet soils. These yard plants are extremely drought tolerant, so if you're unsure, err on the side of caution and skip the watering.


We recommend fertilizing your Barberry Shrub during the spring and fall growing seasons. Espoma Plant-Tone is a great all-natural option that will provide your plants with the balanced nutrition they need to thrive!

For more information on how to grow Boxwood Shrubs, follow the steps laid out in our planting guide:

Types of Barberry Shrubs for Sale at Garden Goods Direct

Many types of Barberry Shrubs are available, and after determining proper spacing and grow zones, it all comes down to preference and style! Below are a few of our best-selling Barberry Shrubs.

Admiration Barberry

Admiration Barberry is guaranteed to make your friends do a double-take! Red hot leaves are edged in neon yellow. It holds its color well through the summer, even in the full sun. Admiration Barberry is sure to capture attention!

Barberry Crimson Pygmy

Crimson Pygmy Barberry is a dwarf, densely branched shrub displaying deep crimson-colored foliage all season long. The best color is achieved when planted in full sun. Excellent color contrast against green or gold-leafed plants.

Barberry Rosy Glow

Rosy Glow Barberry is a dense, older cultivar that grows 3′-6′ tall and takes to pruning well. In the spring, the newly emerging leaves are purple, but as they mature, they turn a rose-pink mottled with bronze to purplish-red splotches.

Bonanza Gold Barberry

Bonanza Gold Barberry is a knock-out shrub that provides the most striking neon gold foliage to a landscape. If you are looking for a shrub to light up your yard and your life, look no further than this golden dream of a shrub!

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