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Spirea shrubs are some of the hardiest and easy to grow plants you can find. They come in a multitude of flower colors and leaf colors.

The colorful foliage can be used to create another level of color in the garden that will remain throughout the season. Spirea is especially useful in the spring, when their leaf colors are at the brightest, and again in fall when they turn yet another color.

Spirea shrubs are invaluable to landscape designers and are often used in most landscapes to form part of the primary color palette of any garden. They are well known throughout the horticulture industry as an "easy to care for" deciduous shrub that does not need special attention, particular soil conditions or winter protection. They do require well-drained soil, full sun and most are hardy to at least minus 30 degrees, so they grow well as far north as zone 4, and often into zone 3 as well.

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Spirea is a gardeners plant. They will grow fast and with little care, leaving you free to enjoy the garden rather than toil over it.

Many varieties have brightly colored foliage, and they are the perfect way to add color to your garden from spring to fall without breaks.

We recommend planting spirea in groups of three or five as part of the foundation planting around your home.

The larger varieties like bridal wreath spireas make lovely backdrops for smaller later flowering shrubs.

Because Spirea is hardy to zones 3 or 4, it can be relied upon to flower year after year. It's been our experience that spirea seems to do better after we've had a colder than typical winter. If you are a beginning gardener, then you cannot find easier plants to make you feel like a pro.

The Best Spirea Varieties

Little Princess Spirea: This little lady is the perfect size for a smaller garden. It only grows to 2 feet tall, but spreads up to 4 feet. In summer the bright pink flowers, continue to put on a show for weeks on end, and in fall the leaves turn a beautiful shade of red.

Goldmound Spirea: This outstanding golden leaved variety produces bright pink flowers in late summer. The flowers take a back seat golden foliage that erupts from the stems in spring and stays golden all summer. Goldmund spirea will grow to about 3 feet tall if left untrimmed.

Magic Carpet Spirea: This has been one of our favorite Spireas since we first received it years ago. It produces a beautiful, compact, mounded shape with vibrant red new leaves in the spring that matures to bright gold then back to red in the fall. Clusters of small pink flowers contrast with bright gold mature foliage.

Double Play Red Spirea: Double Play Red Spirea is a flower color breakthrough, the first and only spirea with true red flowers. Its green foliage tinged with red stays clean all summer long, and it reblooms.

Bridal Wreath Spirea: Bridal Wreath Spirea flowers in spring to early Summer, sometimes before the leaves come out. When in bloom Bridal Wreath Spireas creates a cascading waterfall of clusters of small white spirea flowers down its arching stems.

Growing Conditions for Spirea

Spirea thrives in sunny locations. The golden varieties will benefit from some protection from the hot afternoon sun, which during periods of drought can burn the bright leaves. The other types benefit from the direct sun to bring out their best leaf colors.

Almost any soil type is acceptable, except for areas that are always wet or extremely dry as these conditions will affect the overall health of the plant. Once they are established, Spirea shrubs need no additional input, and they are not bothered by pests or diseases.

Pruning Spirea Shrubs

Because Spirea bloom later in the season, the flowers are produced on new growth. Spirea can be trimmed in late winter before new growth appears.