Buy Dogwood Trees Online

Buy Dogwood Trees Online


Dogwood Trees for Sale at Garden Goods Direct

With their white blooms and attractive bark, it’s no wonder both Virginia and Missouri chose flowering dogwoods as their state tree. Gardeners love using flowering dogwoods, whether as a patio plant in a container or specimen tree in the landscape plant. If you’re searching for flowering dogwood trees for sale, consider our Woodie-approved ones at Garden Goods Direct.

What are the Types of Dogwood Trees

Flowering Dogwood Trees come in several different showy varieties, which bloom from April to May. Some of our nursery expert’s favorite varieties include:

  • Cherokee Chief
  • Cherokee Sunset
  • Cloud 9
  • Wolf Eyes
  • Cherokee Brave
  • Kousa

How do these varieties differ from one another? Color. Wolf Eyes, for instance, features variegated leaves that are green and white. Your types of flowering dogwood trees also range in height, with minor differences in growing zones — most range from zone six to eight, with some approved for five through nine.

Why Plant Flowering Dogwood Trees?

If you love an interactive garden, buying flowering dogwood trees is a decision you’ll be happy you made. Thanks to their berries,  birds are often attracted to flowering dogwood trees, which brings your landscape design to life.

Flowering dogwood trees also thrive in areas of partial shade, but can grow in direct sunlight. As varieties grow between 15 to 30 feet tall, flowering dogwood trees are also versatile when it comes to where you plant them. Place them as a focal point by your patio or within your native plant garden.

How to Choose the Right Variety of Dogwood Trees

The visual beauty of ornamental trees, from their bark to their petal shape, can be the most compelling reason for choosing a variety of flowering dogwood trees. It’s important to look beyond their natural beauty and consider these questions:

  • Where do you want to plant it?
  • What is its spread?
  • How tall does it grow?
  • What is its growing zone?

Answering these questions helps you not only choose a flowering dogwood you can nurture, but also helps you narrow your choices. Though, many gardeners can rarely resist having just one of these ornamental trees.

How to Care for Dogwood Trees

Caring for your garden’s newest trees begins by knowing how to plant flowering dogwood trees. To start, soak the tree’s roots for no more than 12 hours and then dig a hole at least one foot wider than your tree’s root system. When you place your trees, make sure their roots are not in a J-shape.

Flowering dogwood trees love moist soil, so we recommend using two to four inches of mulch to prevent it from drying out. Using fertilizer at the time of planting is also an excellent choice, though you’ll want to wait until your tree’s second year to use it again. Pruning begins at year two, as well! Just remember — don’t trim during the fall.

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Flowering dogwood trees are a beautiful, versatile ornamental tree that can bring color and wildlife to your home. At Garden Goods Direct, we raise these trees from seed until they’re ready to join your array of flowers. As the number one online garden center in America, you can trust our nursery experts to provide Woodie-approved trees that are ready to thrive.

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