Winterberry Holly Shrubs for Sale Online

When people think of hollies, they think of an evergreen shrub with bright red berries and glossy evergreen foliage. Maybe some folks even think of Christmas. Hollies always are thought of as having glossy evergreen leaves but that’s not always the case. Ilex verticillata, commonly known as winterberry holly, is a North American native shrub that loses its leaves each fall. After the leaves have turned yellow ( They’re also known for their great fall colors) and fallen off, you are left with thousands of brightly colored berries clinging to every stem. This is when Winterberry Holly Shrubs become the showpiece of the garden.

Winterberry holly shrubs are truly an amazing plant with a tremendous native range. Native populations of Winterberry Holly stretch from Nova Scotia, south to Florida and west to Missouri. It can be found growing in low swampy areas, moist woods, and occasionally in higher, dry soils. Though it is most commonly found in moist soils, it can also be grown quite successfully in average garden soils. Winterberries come in Female and Male varieties and one male pollinator can pollinate up to 8 female plants. Be sure to choose the correct male pollinator for your chosen female.

Winterberry Holly Shrubs for Sale Online

Have you considered adding Winterberry Hollies to your landscape, but aren’t sure where to start? Let us help.

Information on our best-selling Winterberry Holly Shrubs: Female Winterberry Holly Shrubs: Red Sprite Winterberry Holly: A profusion of bright red berries brighten the winter landscape and provide food for birds. A male pollinator, such as Jim Dandy Holly is required for the berry set. Extremely hardy.

Sparkleberry Holly: Sparkleberry Holly, or Winterberry, has bright red berries that appear from late summer to early fall. New foliage growth emerges showy red. Southern Gentleman is the Male Pollinator of choice for Sparkleberry.

Male Winterberry Holly Shrubs:

Jim Dandy Holly: Jim Dandy Holly is required to produce berries on Red Sprite Winterberry. This non-fruiting, male winterberry is primarily used as a pollinator.

Southern Gentleman Holly: Southern Gentleman Holly is the pollinator of choice for Sparkleberry Holly. The Southern Gentleman Holly is a tall male winterberry that is used to pollinate female winterberry plants. There will be no berries on this shrub.

How to Care for your Winterberry Holly Shrubs:

Hollies are best planted in Full to Partial Sun as this brings out the best fall color in the foliage and is best for producing berries. Very little is needed as far as care is concerned with Winterberry Hollies. Supplemental watering is sometimes beneficial during periods of prolonged drought but is not necessary once the plants are established. Pruning is not needed for this plant. However, if you need to prune to keep winterberry holly within its boundaries it is best done in the spring. This is the best opportunity as the plant has the most vigor during the spring and you don’t risk cutting off the berry-producing buds.

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