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Cactus plants are commonly known as desert cactus plants, but many can be indoor plants as well. There are more than 2,000 species of cactus plants that are native to South Africa, South America, and many other exotic places. 

Bright direct sunlight is best for growth for cacti, however creating a consistent rotation schedule of your plant will prevent any discolorations from happening. The cactus plant must be placed in well-draining soils that allow for water to flow through with ease. This prevents overwatering of the cactus plant. 

These low maintenance plants can last for a long time as long as they are taken care of on a regular basis. With the many different varieties offered, cacti are perfect slow growing plants for any indoor living or office space. 

Types of Cactus Plants

Ric Ric Cactus Plants

Native to tropical rainforests in Mexico, Ric Ric Cactus plants are one of the most exotic houseplants you can grow. Best as a trailing houseplant, these cactus plants grow best in hanging baskets. Their characteristics include distinctive fleshy foliage and serrated stems shaped like a fish's backbone. If given enough sunlight, the Ric Ric cactus will bloom stunning pink and white orchid-like cactus flowers.

This cactus is also known as Fishbone Cactus, Orchid Cactus, and St. Anthony's Ric Rac.

Firesticks Pencil Cactus Plants

A cactus plant native to South Africa, Firestick Pencil Cactus Plants are an ideal low-maintenance plant for containers. Their multiple fire-red stems resemble small pencils or sticks that grow from the base of the plant and head in all different directions. Their red stems often show shades of pink, orange or yellow and the color is more vivid during the cooler months. They also will show their vibrant colors when grown in full sun and well-drained cactus soils.

Something to watch out for with Firestick Pencil Cactus Plants is that their sap can be a skin irritant. You only have to be cautious of this when pruning, repotting, or moving your plant.

Christmas Cactus Plants

These wintertime flowers do best indoors in a room that receives bright but indirect light, like an eastern or northern window sill. However, this plant will adapt to low light conditions but will produce more readily if exposed to bright light. They also thrive in room temperatures anywhere between 65 and 75 degrees F.

Pink Christmas Cactus plants come in a variety of different colors including, red, pink, white, yellow, salmon, and bi-color.

Red Christmas Cactus plants are native to the South American country of Brazil. They are most known for their flattening stems and vibrant red colors.

White Christmas Cactus plants are also a Brazilian native known for their flattening stems and produce flowers that bloom indoors. Their elegant white blooms with green foliage make for a perfect holiday plant.

Tips for Growing Cactus Plants


The best soil option for an indoor plant like the cactus is lightweight and fast-draining soil. Most cactus potting soils are much sandier and rockier than regular potting soils. The reason behind this is that the water will drain out of the soil much more quickly than most plants prefer. The cactus soil will prevent the plant from soaking up too much H2O and allow it to grow properly.


Even though cactus plants do not require fertilizer, they can benefit greatly from the nutrients the right type of fertilizer can provide. A 10-10-10 fertilizer is a great example of a perfectly balanced meal your cactus will enjoy.

During their summer growth months, fertilize them lightly each time they are watered. Cactus plants prefer to be fed in small doses on a regular basis. During the cooler winter months, taper off to allow the plant to rest.


Cactus plants grow best in bright direct light however, placing them in direct sunlight behind a glass window could magnify the sun's impact and burn the plant. In a perfect placement, your cactus plant should receive no less than 4 hours of sunlight each day.

If your cactus plant begins to turn yellow or white this indicated that a particular part of your plant is getting too much sunlight. Your best option is to place a cactus plant 4 feet away from a window and consistently rotate it to prevent any discoloration.

How to Water Cactus Plants Properly

A general rule of thumb when watering cactus plants is to wait for the top 3 inches of soil to be completely dry before watering. Stick a toothpick into the top layer of the soil; if it soil sticks to the stick it is not time to water yet. However, if it pulls out clean then you are ready to water.

Cactus Size

Cactus plants come in various shapes and sizes, and interestingly enough, that makes a huge difference when watering your plant. Smaller and younger cactus plants require more water than larger older cacti. The reason is that the smaller plants are growing at a faster rate than the larger ones. This means the smaller the cactus plant, the more frequently you need to water it. This is simply to ensure the plant will grow to its fullest extent.

The Size and Type of Pot

There is no particular pot size that is better or worse for cactus plants, however, there are different ways to water your plant based on what pot you choose to use.

Smaller pots are ideal when watering because it allows for faster drainage of water in the soil. Larger pots are more likely to store water and take more time for water to drain, making the cactus susceptible to rotting and ultimately not thriving.

Plastic pots can be used but they take much longer to dry out as compared to terra cotta pots. These clay pots ensure maximum air movement and drain excess water more efficiently. Overall, choose a pot that is just the right size and material to allow your cactus plant's water to drain with ease.

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