Full Sun Perennials for Sale Online

Perennial Plants will keep coming back year after year, provided they’re given the right conditions. They require daily exposure to the sun, usually between six and eight hours per day. Though sun perennials tend to vary widely in their physical characteristics and appearances, almost all are relatively hardy and drought-resistant, making them a good choice for first-time gardeners.

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Best Perennials for Sun

What Types of Sun Perennials Are There?

Many perennials require a good amount of sunlight in their daily cycles. Some of the sun perennials we offer include:

  • Achillea: Commonly known as Yarrow, Achillea is a commonly grown garden flower known for its hardiness and attractiveness to butterflies.
  • Agastache: Showy, fragrant perennials that bloom in long spires of color, Agastache is a drought-resistant plant that attracts hummingbirds and pollinators.
  • Butterfly Weed: These native sun perennials produce warm-colored blooms throughout the summer, so buy butterfly weed online for season-long color and frequent hummingbird, butterfly, and bee visitors
  • Columbines: Columbines are easy-to-grow perennials that feature dark green foliage and bell-shaped flowers.
  • Coreopsis: Long-blooming, drought tolerant, and disease resistant, Coreopsis plants come in a wide variety of colors to match any garden scheme.
  • Daylily: Popular with butterflies and hummingbirds, buy daylilies online for a summer-long scene, full of color and natural beauty. The Daylily Round Midnight, Happy Returns Daylily, Mini Pearl Daylily, and Stella d’Oro daylily are just a few options available at Garden Goods Direct.
  • Dianthus: These pink flowers are fragrant perennials with distinctive rough edges. You can buy Dianthus flowers online through Garden Goods Direct — we have options including the Dianthus Baths Pink, Dianthus Firewitch, Dianthus Kahori, and Dianthus Neon Star.
  • Echinacea: This daisy-like flower is a long-blooming and easy-to-maintain perennial. The Echinacea Harvest Moon, Echinacea Kims Knee High, Echinacea Pow Wow White, Echinacea Pow Wow Wild Berry, and Echinacea Solar Flare are a few varieties we carry. The purple coneflower also falls into this category.
  • Eupatorium: Also known as Joe Pye Weed, this plant likes moist areas in full to partial sun and features flowers in softer colors, particularly pink, purple and white.
  • Geranium: The geranium is a popular bedding plant grown both indoors and outdoors. When you shop for Geraniums online with Garden Goods Direct, you’ll find Geranium Biokovo, Geranium Karmina, and Geranium Max Frei varieties.
  • Hellebore: These plants provide lovely toothed blooms and are very resistant to deer and diseases. Blooming from February to May, Hellebore Brandywine or Hellebore Orientalis will add a welcoming color to your late winter landscape.
  • Heuchera: This beautiful woodland plant is colorful with maple-shaped leaves and beautiful spring flowers. With few insect pests and good tolerance against drought, Heuchera Coral Bells provide a low-maintenance pop of color for your garden.
  • Heucherella: When you buy heucherella plants online, you may notice the plant is similar in color to Heuchera plants. This is because Heucherella plants are the result of crossing a Heuchera plant with a Tiarella. These colorful plants feature lobed foliage and tend to be more disease-resistant than Heuchera plants.
  • Hibiscus: This tropical plant requires at least six hours of sun and a bit of care, but produces large, colorful blooms in your garden. When you shop for hibiscus plants online with Garden Goods Direct, you’ll find Hibiscus Cherry Cheesecake, Hibiscus Lord Baltimore, Hibiscus Moscheutos, and Hibiscus Tie Dye varieties.
  • Iberis Snowflake: A compact, bushy plant that produces bundles of pure white flowers in May, the Iberis Snowflake is a beautiful selection for a sun perennial.
  • Iris: The Iris Caesars Brother, Iris Ensata Variegate, Iris Moonlight Waves, and Iris Versicolor are just a few options offered at Garden Goods Direct. When you buy Irises online, you’ll add a classic bloom to your garden that attracts butterflies and hummingbirds throughout the summer months.
  • Lavender: We carry two forms of lavender: Lavender Hidcote and Lavender Provence. Buy lavender plants online if you’re searching for a perennial that’s as beautiful in appearance as it is in scent.
  • Nepeta Walker’s Low: Also called Walker’s Low Catmint, this plant produces lavender-blue flowers in the late spring, adding color to its muted green foliage. Shop for Walker’s Low Catmint online for a plant that’s colorful yet robust.
  • Peony: Low-maintenance and sun-loving, peonies are a great choice for just about any garden. Varieties include the Peony Felix Crousse, Peony Karl Rosenfield, Peony Sarah Bernhardt, and Peony Shirley Temple.
  • Perovskia Atriplicifolia: Also known as Russian Sage, this woody plant has a grayish color to it. They’re a lovely scented and uniquely colored plant to add to your garden.
  • Phlox: These star-shaped flowers are a beauty to behold in midsummer, and provide a welcome fragrance to your garden. Our options include Phlox Drummonds Pink, Phlox Emerald Blue, and Phlox Purple Beauty.
  • Rudbeckia Goldstrum Black-Eyed Susan: These golden flowers are popular choices for many gardeners, blooming in mid-to-late summer. This beautiful perennial flower attracts plenty of pollinators.
  • Salvia: The Salvia Cardonna, Salvia Blue Hill, Salvia East Friesland and Salvia May Night are a few varieties of Salvia we offer. Plant Salvia flowers in your garden for long-blooming, deer-resistant plants in a wide variety of bloom colors.
  • Sedum: These plants are extremely forgiving in multiple colors. We offer Sedum Angelina, Sedum Autumn Joy, and Sedum Weihenstephaner Gold.
  • Shasta Daisy: These white-petaled flowers with yellow centers are similar to meadow daisies in appearance with dark green foliage.
  • Stachys Big Ears: With soft leaves and tall blooming spires, the Stachys Big Ears easily grow in average soils. These are excellent garden plants in silver-white color.
  • Swamp Milkweed: This pink-purple blooming plant is a good choice for pollinators, attracting plenty of butterflies and other insects when it blooms in June. Buy swamp milkweed for a plant that’s easy to grow in muddier environments.
  • Verbena Homestead Purple: With large, velvety-purple flowers, Verbena is a low-maintenance plant that blooms in June and adds an incomparable pop of color to your garden.

Why Should You Plant a Sun Perennial on Your Property?

Sun perennials come back year after year, providing your landscape with color and variety without needing to plant new growth. A single planting season can last for years to come, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your labor without the added expenses of annual planting.

What’s more, sun perennials tend to be resistant to drought and keep soil in place during drier seasons when wind erosion might be problematic. They also tend to be very attractive to pollinators and other insects. With a well-picked perennial garden, you might develop a low-maintenance array with a live display of butterflies and hummingbirds.

How Can You Find the Right Sun Perennials for Your Home?

Always choose the best sun perennials for your local climate and growing zone. For example, a more tropical sun perennial might be a poor choice for a garden located in the northeastern United States. Considering local pests and problems is also a good idea since some plants are more drought or deer-resistant than others. Both factors should play a large role in the types of plants you choose.

Additionally, to lengthen the amount of time your garden is in bloom, choose sun perennials with different bloom times. Varieties in height, texture, and color are also desirable. Arrange these plants in a way that makes the most of the seasonal and physical differences for a widely varied garden with season-long color.

How Do You Care for Your Sun Perennials?

Sun perennial plant care differs widely depending on the individual plant, so considering the unique requirements of each plant is important. However, an essential thing to remember about sun perennials is the placement and watering. Place sun perennials in areas that receive six hours of light per day or more, and water them at least once a week.

Another important universal factor is soil quality. Before planting a new sun perennial, ensure the appropriate fertilizer is mixed into the soil so the plant has the nutrients it needs to establish itself. Regularly fertilize the soil after that point to ensure the plant continues to grow steadily. Regular spring mulching may be necessary to retain soil moisture, as well as pesticide and fungicide sprays, depending on the plant and your local area.