Echinacea Plants for Sale Online

Echinacea or Coneflower plants are easy to grow in almost any sunny spot in the garden. Our Coneflower collection is always growing, and we're happy to include the classic varieties and some of the newest and most exciting varieties in the market. Butterflies and other pollinators love the colorful daisy-like flowers. Birds love the seeds, and they are an important part of their diet in the late fall and winter.

Echinacea plants are deer-resistant, which means they can find a lasting home in about any location in the country. Echinaceas are tolerant of a wide variety of soil conditions and are highly drought-tolerant once established. Coneflowers are a north American native plant that was seen on the prairies by the early settlers. Add these fuss-free jewels to your garden and watch the butterflies flock to your garden.

Benefits of Growing Coneflower Plants

Echinacea plants or Coneflower are available in a wide range of sizes and colors. The stunning and oh-so versatile perennial plants work in most garden designs and bring bright color and beautiful blooms to a summer garden. Additional benefits include long bloom times and deer-resistant foliage.

Originally known as the Purple Coneflower (Echinacea Purpurea), the well-loved daisy-like flower now comes in shades of pink, red, white, orange, and all colors in between! Echinacea plants bloom from early summer through the fall and thrive in any partial shade to full sun area.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Coneflower plants are show-stopping--that's no secret. These bright perennials will easily brighten up a space and bring an array of colors to your landscape. As a plant that returns year after year, these stunning garden favorites are an easy way to boost the overall property value and enhance the curb appeal of your home.

Support Local Pollinators

Planting Echinacea plants is a great way for new gardeners to easily create a pollinator oasis. We guarantee your local pollinators will love sipping nectar from these colorful flowers. Beyond the nectar, these North American Native plants also have plentiful seed heads that are a prime food source for local songbird populations.

Use for Cut Flower Arrangements  

Echinacea is a perfect choice as a cut flower as well. The flowers can be used fresh or dried as they produce large, long-lasting flowers on sturdy stems. They are produced over a long period, which means you don't have to worry about running out.

The flowers remain fresh once cut, as long as the stem's cut ends remain in the water. Coneflowers are available in such a wide array of colors that there should be no trouble finding varieties that match your color palette.

How to Care For Echinacea Plants

Echinacea plants are extremely easy to grow perennials that thrive in full to partial sun. The plants grow naturally along the edges of woodlands, so they thrive in spots with morning shade and afternoon sun or vice versa but can thrive in full sun as well.

Echinacea is a low-water-use plant. You’ll need to water young plants to help them establish new roots. Once established, Echinacea should not need to be watered at all unless you’ve gone many weeks without rain. They are drought-tolerant and thrive in dry conditions.

For a more in-depth explanation of how to care for Echinacea Plants, check out our Echinacea Planting Guide.