EcoForms Plant Pots for Sale Online

EcoForms is a family founded business that grew out of the desire to find an alternative to plastic pots. These pots are made from renewable grain fibers and are biodegradable, meeting our customers’ need to support sustainable gardening practices. The commitment to sustainability doesn’t end with their products. EcoForms' facility is solar powered and their local delivery trucks run on 100% bio-diesel.

Why Use EcoForms Sustainable Pots?

Made from renewable and sustainable plant by-products, EcoForms are the environmentally friendly alternative to plastic pots. The tests have shown that plants grow better in EcoForms than in traditional plastic pots due to their insulating design, which leads to thriving, healthy plants. EcoForms pots contain no wood or petroleum ingredients and do not deplete natural or edible resources. When used outdoors, EcoForms pots will last at least five years and even longer when used indoors. They are intended for use above the ground, and show no damage when exposed to freezing or thawing conditions.

How are EcoForms Planters Made?

EcoForms pots are made from rice hulls and natural binding agents, which are starch-based, water-soluble, and bio-degradable. No pollutants are used or produced at any stage of the manufacturing process. And, because all scraps are recycled in the production process, no materials are wasted. Only a small amount of water is used in the binding formula, and the organic pigments are environmentally friendly. Heat and pressure bind the ingredients to produce EcoForms pots.

Are EcoForms Pots Biodegradable?

Yes, EcoForms planters are biodegradable but they will keep their shape and clean surface until the end of their functional life. Only after they have been discarded into a municipal compost or landfill facility will decomposition take place. They will break down into nutrient-rich organic matter with a PH value of 7.0.

What are EcoForms Pots Qualifications and Specifications?

  • Designed to last up to five years outdoors, and up to twice as long indoors
  • Suitable for all climates, environments and applications where plastic, clay or wooden containers are used
  • Resistant to freezing and thawing damage
  • Created with excellent heat insulating characteristics that result in outstanding root development and overall plant performance
  • Intended to be used above ground only
  • Effective at promoting drainage and ensuring proper air movement
  • A leading product in the sustainable gardening movement