Annual Hanging Baskets for Sale Online

Hanging basket annual plants are some of the most popular annuals bought each year. They are loved for their vining qualities, even though most are not actual vining plants. There is no one specific type of plant for a hanging basket, but some look like they were made for these containers. Flowers and stems spill over as the plants grow, making the hanging basket a beautiful spectacle in every garden. Hanging baskets look especially good on front porches or patios, depending on what kind of sunlight reaches those areas of your home. 

Always make sure your plant is in a hanging basket with proper drainage holes. Doing so will ensure your plant does not get overwatered when watering them. Plants that are kept outdoors in the warm months, in a container, need a more frequent watering schedule than other plants in your garden. Buy a hanging basket annual as a present for someone you love, or bring one home to spice up your spring and summer outdoor oasis.

Plant Types Offered as Hanging Basket Annuals


  • Headliner Night Sky Petunia


  • Hot Pink Calibrachoa
  • Yellow Calibrachoa
  • Calibrachoa Dark Blue


  • Portulaca Yellow
  • Portulaca Fuchsia
  • Portulaca Tangerine


  • Dark Eyes Fuchsia
  • Dark Blue Lobelia