Ornamental Grasses for Sale Onine

Ornamental grasses are can be hardy enough to outlast many different weather conditions. Some popular ornamental grass varieties include Pampas Grass, Purple Fountain Grass, and various feather reed grasses.

Some ornamental grasses have colorful blooms at their peaks, providing pops of color to any garden or landscape. When planting in your landscape, make sure they are in full sun to part shade and well-draining soil. Your grasses will grow between 1 and 6 feet tall, depending on which you are using.

Why Should You Plant Ornamental Grass on Your Property?

You can find a grass variety to suit just about any climate or growing zone. Once planted, they take very little work to maintain. All that’s needed is a little bit of cutting back in the early spring and occasional watering during drought times. This low-maintenance perennial grass will keep growing back year after year, adding beauty and style to your garden.

Ornamental grasses are aesthetically beneficial for any garden, adding texture, verticality, movement, and color to your landscape design. Border a walkway or flower bed with them, or make them the focal point of your landscaping work.

How Can You Find the Right Ornamental Grass for Your Home?

Choosing the best ornamental for your home starts with finding the best grass for your local area. Not all ornamental grasses are suited to all climates, so try to find one that’s compatible with your local zone. While many kinds of grasses are drought and pest-resistant, this isn’t universal, so try to pick one that’s compatible with your area’s local pests and climate concerns.

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, consider how you plan to use your plants — whether you’re looking for a tall centerpiece, a mid-sized border group, or something small to fill in space. Color combinations and variety are also factors to consider while choosing an appropriate grass for your landscaping project. 

How Do You Care for Your Ornamental Grass?

One of the best aspects of grasses is their hardiness. Nearly all types of ornamental grasses are relatively drought-resistant and require little water. Few require much in terms of soil moisture, either. However, it’s still a good idea to regularly care for your sun ornamental grasses to keep them healthy and disease-free. Check the requirements for your ornamental grass plant before planting it or starting a care regimen.

For most ornamental grass, choose soil locations that are moist but well-drained, preferably mixed with some fertilizer to support initial growth. Adding mulch each year in the spring is also a great plan to help retain soil moisture and prevent weed growth. Check your plants regularly for signs of pests or disease, and stay updated on any outbreaks in your area that might affect your ornamental grasses.

What Types of Ornamental Grass Are There?

Ornamental grass comes in various colors, sizes, and types, all united by its vertical nature and slender blades. Varieties we offer at Garden Goods Direct include:

  • Dwarf Pampas Grass: Cortaderia selloana pumila, is a hardy pampas grass that blooms from early spring to the summer. They produce ivory plumes on top of long white spires and are easy-to-grow plants that can survive in most North American growing zones. If you're looking for an ornamental grass that works in smaller gardens, is drought-tolerant, cold hardy, and deer resistant, Dwarf Pampas grass is the best option for you.
  • Juncus Effusus: Juncus effusus, also known as the common rush, is an ornamental that grows in the United States in moist to wet soil conditions and under full sun. We recommend you plant these garden plants near the edge of a pond or water garden. You must keep this moisture-loving grass in consistently moist soil conditions. With a spread of two to four feet, this plant is an excellent choice if you're looking to add texture to your garden, especially in a water garden in boggy areas.
  • Mexican Feather Reed: Mexican Feathergrass is a feathery ornamental that grows best in full sun and well-draining soil. This grass produces white flower heads and grows an average of two feet tall. Try planting Mexican feather grass in your landscape to provide excellent texture contrast. Their growing season is early spring, and they are classified as drought-tolerant. This grass can be identified as an invasive plant.
  • Miscanthus: Miscanthus Sinensis, comes in several colors, all with a silver-gray appearance. These plants have a growing season of mid to late summer and thrive in full sun. At Garden Goods Direct, we sell many varieties of this easy-to-grow ornamental, including Little Zebra, Morning Light Maiden, Yaku Jima, and many more.
  • Pennisetum Hameln: Pennisetum Hameln fountain grass is ornamental with silver-yellow flowers and spread over two feet wide. This warm-season grass is easy to grow and adds a finely textured grass option to any landscape. The best place to plant your Pennisetum alopecuroides is in well-draining soil. Your ornamental grass can thrive in many lighting conditions, including part shade, light shade, and full sun.
  • Pink Muhly Grass: A pop of pink flowers, Muhly Grass is a colorful ornamental grass that adds depth and color to your garden. Growing over four feet tall on average- this highly resistant grass is a good choice for most landscapes and areas that need a lovely spray of color. Their growing season begins in the early spring, and these drought-tolerant, fast-growing grasses will produce beautiful pink plumes in your garden! Plant them in well-draining soil and full sunlight areas of your garden.