Buy Winter Interest Perennials Online

As the temperatures get colder and night last longer than the day, the beautiful blooms of fall flowering plants begin their winter slumber, a whole class of plants that start to take center stage in the winter landscape. Late autumn and winter induce dormancy in many plants, but winter is their time to shine for some. Your garden can still shine brightly with a bit of planning. It's time to choose the appropriate perennials that add color, texture, and interest throughout the cold gray days of winter. Winter gardens focus less on flowers and more on leaf color and texture.

Gardeners appreciate glimpses of green and an occasional flower during winter to remind them of the impending splendor of the spring garden. Don't let your garden look barren and desolate during the winter. Add any of these perennials to the garden and enjoy color and texture even in the winter.

Gardeners are beginning to understand that winter may be a time for gardeners to rest, but that doesn't mean the garden has to. Members of the Carex family, also known as sedges, retain their fine gold, blue, and green colors into the coldest months of the year. Plants such as hellebore come alive with mottled leaves of silver and green. Creeping Phloxes stay green during the winter and provide groundcover to flower beds.

Speaking of groundcovers, Pachysandra and vinca maintain their evergreen foliage throughout the winter and look fabulous under larger trees and shrubs. Heuchera is another plant that can offer color in the winter with its range of colors from red to chartreuse. A new trend is becoming very popular in the gardening world; container gardening is becoming very popular and a way for folks to dress up patios and entranceways with colors that can change with the seasons. Perennials fit perfectly into this trend and are easily mixed with shrubs and small trees in containers.

Plants don't have to be green to have winter interest. Perennial grasses that are dormant do as much for the winter garden as they do in the spring, summer, and fall. Fountain grasses, even though dormant and brown, add unequaled texture to the landscape. They remain standing even after snowfalls. Taller varieties like maiden grass, for example, stay upright and sway gently with the breezes, creating movement and pleasing sounds.

Rudbeckia and Echinacea plants have seed-heads that remain upright and look beautiful encased in ice after a winter storm. The birds will also thank you for these plants as they provide food for overwintering species.