Astilbe Plants for Sale Online

Astilbe flowers are a great focal point for shaded summer flowerbeds, with their tall, fluffy plumes and fern-like foliage. Pair them with other shade tolerant plants, like hostas and hellebores, for excellent coverage and contrast. 

Astilbe is a shade perennial with vibrant plumes of flowers rising from fern-like foliage. There are about 25 species available and hundreds of hybrids, ranging in color from white to dark purple. Size and form also vary widely.

Why Plant Astilbe Plants?

The first thing you’ll notice about astilbe plants is their appearance. These summer-blooming plants have feathery flowers and dark green foliage, both of which bring color and texture to your shade garden year-round.

On top of these benefits, astilbe shade perennials are very utilitarian in your garden. Their low-maintenance nature combined with their deer resistance makes them very easy to care for. They’re also highly tolerant of heavy shade, making them ideal for the shadiest areas of your garden.

Tips for Choosing the Right Variety of Astilbe

Before choosing one of our astilbes, consider your local climate. These plants generally tolerate Plant Hardiness Zones 4 through 9, making them suitable for most areas of the continental United States. The astilbe fanal is also tolerant of hardiness zone 3, making it suitable for planting in many of the northern regions of the U.S. If you live in the northernmost and southernmost regions of the U.S., you may want to verify your preferred variety of astilbe will thrive in your local climate.

If you do live within the astilbe plant’s tolerated range, you can largely plant your astilbe in any location with plenty of shade and well-drained soil.

How to Care for Astilbe

Astilbe care is quite easy and begins with understanding how to plant astilbe shade perennials properly. Choose an area with good shade, preferably with some early morning or dappled sun. The area should also have excellent quality, moist soil. If your soil is poor, add local compost at least a week before planting. If the soil has issues retaining moisture, add mulch around the stem — this will also help protect your plant’s roots in the winter.

Once planted, water your astilbe well until established, then continue watering regularly through the summer months. Amend the soil occasionally with fertilizer or compost to support healthy blooms. Once your plant has finished blooming for the year, you can either cut back the stems or leave them alone for some winter texture.

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