Buy Evergreen Shrubs For Sale Online

Evergreen Shrubs For Sale Online

Evergreen shrubs form the backbone of your garden, providing easy care structure and interest during all four seasons of the year. Whether large or small, there is usually one to suit any size garden. Most Evergreens require very little maintenance, which means you’ll spend less time caring for your garden and more time enjoying it. Evergreen does not mean just green leaves. There are blues, golds, and variegated varieties. 

Evergreens can be flowering evergreen shrubs such as Camellias or fast-growing shrubs, which make excellent ground cover plants like the very versatile Juniper family of shrubs. Evergreen plants are mostly thought of as plants with needles, but evergreen plants can also be broad-leaved such as Photinia or Schip Laurel, which produce flowers and make perfect privacy barriers. Evergreens can be used to create"Garden Rooms” which are great for any size garden. 

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As our yards become smaller sometimes, you may need a little privacy to enjoy your morning coffee on the patio or a quiet candlelight dinner on the deck. Did you know that evergreen shrubs are the plant of choice for foundation planting?

You can trust that you have Woodie's guarantee of only providing you with the very best proven varieties of top-quality, low-maintenance Evergreen Shrubs.

If you’re considering purchasing evergreen shrubs for your garden, consider Woodie’s approved Evergreen shrubs. They offer numerous benefits for beginning gardeners and landscape enthusiasts alike.

What Are the Types of Evergreen Shrubs

While the word ‘evergreen’ often elicits thoughts of Christmas trees decked out in tinsel, the ‘evergreen’ designation covers a wide variety of plant material. Evergreen shrubs that have needles for foliage, such as Thuja fire chief, are classified as conifers, but not all evergreens are conifers.

Plants such as Euonymus Burning Bush are known as broad-leaved evergreens because of their larger leaves, which persist all year. Not all of these plants are green, either. Brass Buckles holly is bright yellow while the foliage of Nandina ‘Flirt is a deep burgundy red.

A few varieties of evergreen shrubs include:

  • Nandinas: Nandina shrubs offer a myriad of colors from reds to pinks and yellows. They lend a tropical feel to even northern gardens with their bamboo-like foliage. A few of our favorite varieties are Nandina Flirt and Nandina Obsession. You can find a nandina from our selection that are low growers or nandina domestica, which can reach up to 6 feet tall.
  • Junipers: Juniper shrubs are common needled evergreens that are very easy to grow, and are commonly found lining paths and driveways. They should be considered the workhorses of the landscape due to their drought tolerance and ability to grow in even the poorest of soils. Blue Chip, Gold Lace, and Sargents Green are a few varieties of juniper that we offer, any of which work well as a low natural hedge or ground cover.
  • Boxwoods: Boxwoods are low-maintenance shrubs that work wonderfully for hedges as well as landscape focal points. These traditional hedge plants come in several varieties, including the new ‘Baby Gem,’ ‘Golden Dream’ and classic Wintergreen.
  • Camellia: Camellias are intensely popular evergreen shrubs that are most easily recognized by their medium to large-sized flowers that appear in either late fall to early winter or late winter into early spring depending on the variety. Camellia Kramer’s Supreme is our favorite spring bloomer while Camellia Yuletide puts on a fantastic show during the holiday season of early winter.
  • Cherry laurels: Cherry laurels are beautiful, low-maintenance evergreens that produce mildly fragrant flowers in the spring. They are receptive to pruning, and excellent choices for both naturalizing and, both the Otto Luyken laurel and the Skip laurel are beautiful fast-growing flowering shrubs. They make great privacy shrubs and are welcome additions to any landscape.
  • Holly: Hollies are beautiful, easy to grow evergreens with dark green or golden leaves that provide attractive year-round interest for your landscape. We offer the more easily recognized Christmas Jewel Holly, as well as the Brass Buckles, Compact Japanese, Steeds, and Densa Inkberry varieties, each with their unique shapes and textures.
  • Euonymus: Euonymus shrubs are an easy-to-maintain choice, with shiny leaves in beautiful hues from creamy white and yellow-edged varieties to dark green. They are very forgiving and can provide plenty of “pop” to an otherwise dull winter landscape. We offer the Silver King Euonymus, Manhattan euonymus, Golden euonymus, among others.

What Are the Benefits of Planting Evergreen Shrubs

The most attractive benefit of evergreen shrubs is their year-round beauty and their ability to provide a sense of stability. With an evergreen shrub in your yard, you have the fixed focal point that won’t lose its leaves every winter. They can also provide the ability to conceal eyesores in your yard, like utility meters or air conditioning units.

On top of their appearance, evergreen shrubs are useful for their practical benefits. Evergreens help promote the health of your soil by providing ground shelter for wildlife, including beneficial soil builders like worms. They’re also relatively pest-resistant and low-maintenance, making them more desirable plants overall. This resilience also makes them the perfect choice for beginning gardeners.

How to Pick the Right Evergreen Shrubs for Your Home

The best evergreen shrubs for your home depend on your intentions for the plant. Is it going to be a focal point at the front of your house, or are you looking for something to edge your garden or lawn? A colorful evergreen with blooms such as a camellia may be the right choice for the former, while a more humble Juniper might suit the latter.

Appearances are also essential to consider. If you have a dark-colored home, for example, you may want to find lighter-colored shrub such as Nandina Lemon Lime to provide more contrast. If you are looking to cover up eyesores, a larger, more expansive shrub-like Juniper Sargents Green might be the right choice. Choose the best option to match your visual goals as well as your functional ones.

If you’re not sure which evergreen shrub will best fit your yard and your needs, we can help! Call Garden Goods Direct to speak with one of our nursery experts, and we’ll match you with the perfect evergreen shrub for your area.

How to Care for Evergreen Shrubs

Evergreen shrubs are not all the same, so what works for one may not work for the other in terms of care and environment. In general, evergreen shrubs require little maintenance beyond the occasional watering and pruning. Just be sure when planting to choose a slightly drier location, since evergreens don’t do well in soggy soil. Yearly fertilization and mulching are recommended to keep your evergreen shrub at its healthiest and most vigorous condition.

At Garden Goods Direct, Woodie’s nursery experts will be happy to answer any questions you might have about the care and maintenance of your evergreen shrubs.

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