Create a landscape made for the fairytales when you plant clethra shrubs in your yard! Also known by its common name 'Summersweet,' these whimsical garden plants truly are the sweetest summer additions. 

Producing an abundance of sweet fragrant blooms in mid to late July, Clethra make a grand statement no matter where they're planted. Native to eastern and southern North America, you can plant these shrubs with ease of mind. These deciduous shrubs benefit the environment and provide unmatched beauty to an outdoor space. 

Benefits of Buying Clethra

Extremely Fragrant Summer Blooms

The fragrance of Clethra shrubs is likely where they get their nickname–Summersweet. Acting as your sweet perfume for the summer, clethra blooms put off an intoxicating aroma reminiscent of honeysuckle and rose. The blooms’ sweet scent is said to be smelled from over 100 feet away.

Attracts Songbirds and Pollinators

Beyond the irresistible smell, the unique bottlebrush flower clusters attract a crowd of the sweetest songbirds. Additionally, the blooms pull in a plethora of butterflies and bees to their pollen-filled blooms.

Readily Adaptable

In yet another reason to love clethra shrubs, the native plants are known to adapt to a wide range of environments readily. Specifically, these specimens are praised for tolerating shade, soggy soil, and salty air. Thus, the clethra will stand firm in an environment where few plants can survive.

How To Select The Right Clethra For Your Yard

What's Your Grow Zone?

The first step to selecting what Gardenia is best for you is determining your USDA Grow Zone. Do you know what your designated grow zone is? Don't fret! We have just the tool for you.

Utilize our Find Your Grow Zone Tool to determine what growing zones your yard is best suited for.

What's Your Landscape's Style?

Once you've determined what Clethra shrubs will grow best in your climate, you can select a style that best suits your landscape vision. With a wide range of Clethras available, there is a Clethra shrub for everyone!

How To Care For Clethra Shrubs


When planting your Clethra, we recommend selecting a space with full sun to light shade. Additionally, it is essential that you select a space with a well-draining soil medium.


Once planted, thoroughly water your Clethra so the soil is damp but not soggy.


Clethra will benefit from applying a slow-release fertilizer in the spring and summer growing seasons.

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