A large number of plants can be either shrubs or trees and deciduous or evergreen depending on the growing conditions they experience.  Shrubs in common garden practice are generally broad-leaved plants, though some smaller conifers such as Mountain Pine and Common Juniper are also shrubby in structure.

What Types of Shrubs Are There?

Many plants can be either shrubs or trees, deciduous or evergreen depending on the growing conditions they experience. Shrubs in common garden practice are broad-leaved plants, though some smaller conifers such as Mountain Pine and Common Juniper are also shrubby in structure. Some of the options Garden Goods offers include:


Privacy Shrubs

Fast growing privacy shrubs are great for creating quick privacy screens, hedges or buffers. If you plant these bushes in foundation plantings, make sure to place them where they can grow to their natural height and width without taking over or obstructing the view of the home.  At Garden Goods Direct, we offer Red Tipped Photinia,  Barberry, Boxwood, Euonymus, Holly, Laurel, Nandina and other fast-growing shrubs that are perfect for hedges, all of which are perfect for privacy hedges. Not only do they create buffers, but they also look lovely surrounding your yardShop for privacy shrubs online today to get a nice buffer for your home.

Evergreen Shrubs

These shrubs can help your garden stay in decent shape in any season. From Boxwood to Yucca, these low-maintenance shrubs are perfect for gardeners of any experience level and provide year-round beauty for anyone’s home. With their evergreen leaves, these plants create a bright spot even in the bleakest days of winter. At Garden Goods Direct we are proud to offer a wide variety of evergreen shrubs, including Barberry, Euonymus, Holly, Juniper, Laurel and Nandina evergreen shrubs and bushes for sale.

Evergreens need less hands-on care than other types of shrubs. This makes them perfect for all levels of gardening experience.

Flowering Shrubs

With spectacular blooms and lush foliage, flowering shrubs are an incredible addition to any landscape, brightening up your seasons with pops of color. From azaleas and hydrangeas to lilacs and rhododendron shrubs, flowering species give you the ability to keep up with the gardening pros at a low cost. Azaleas, hydrangeas, lilacs, rhododendron shrubs and Camellias brighten up our seasons with their spectacular blooms.

These flowering species, in addition to many others, give you the ability to keep up with the pros, and at a low cost too. Add some color to what is typically just a green screen, and you’re sure to appreciate it. These shrubs require minimal pruning and fertilization, making them perfect for a new gardener. Start making your garden more beautiful today and shop for flowering shrubs online through Garden Goods Direct.

Roses & Vines

Roses are a welcoming addition to any landscape, with their poetic beauty and lovely colors. These prolific bloomers make a charming statement anywhere. It may surprise you to know these gorgeous flowers are also easy to grow for beginning gardeners. You can add color and texture to your yard while proving your green thumb. At Garden Goods Direct, we sell Drift Roses, Knock Out Roses and Vines. Whether you spotlight them near your front porch or spread them around the back, roses and vines are sure to add an element of grace your home immediately.

Why Should You Plant Shrubs on Your Property?

Whether they’re deciduous or evergreen, shrubs serve a variety of purposes for your home. Some, like Barberry, Euonymus and Laurel shrubs, are commonly used to border homes and properties for improved privacy. Shrubs offer decoration, as well. Evergreens maintain their colorful appearance throughout the winter and flowering shrubs provide pops of color in the changing seasons. Shrubs can even be used to obscure eyesores in your landscape, such as cooling units, utility meters, and trash cans.


Shrubs are also useful for their natural benefits, like soil and wildlife protection. Flowering shrubs can support pollinators and some berry-producing shrubs provide food for wildlife, maintaining your local ecosystem.

How Can You Find the Right Shrubs for Your Home?

Finding the best shrub for your home largely depends on how you wish to use your shrub. Are you looking for a decorative border for your flower bed or something to provide a barrier between your home and the noise of your street? First, identify what you wish your shrub to accomplish in your garden, and then use that information to find the best fit for your needs. Often, shrubs can serve multiple purposes, like berry-producing holly bushes, which serve as privacy shrubs while providing a pop of color that lasts through the winter season.


If you have any questions about the best type of shrub for your home’s needs, feel free to contact Garden Goods Direct to speak with one of our nursery experts. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!

How Do You Care for Your Shrubs?

Shrubs differ widely in their needs, so it’s essential to learn what your plant requires before purchasing it. In most cases, however, fertile soil and a regular watering schedule are all that’s needed to keep your shrubs healthy. Fertilizer is also an important consideration in your shrubs early growing years and should be added each spring for a healthy start. Annual mulching is also a smart way to help retain soil moisture and discourage weed growth.

Fortunately, most shrubs are hardy against pests and disease, making them low-maintenance choices for many gardeners. However, it’s still important to check shrubs regularly for signs of pests and diseases, especially if you notice a change in coloration or leaf density.

If you have any questions about the care and keeping of your shrubs, please contact Garden Goods Direct to speak with a nursery expert.

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