Camellia Japonica for Sale Online

At Garden Goods Direct we offer a wonderful selection of evergreen Spring Blooming Camellias that grow and flourish and we feel they should be grown more in our landscapes. The Spring Blooming Camellias are a large group that includes several species including the fairly well known Camellia japonica but also some hybrids including the willamsii series of hybrids. Generally speaking, these are large broad-leaved evergreen shrubs that are well adapted to our climate here in Maryland as well as areas north of us into zone 6. Of course, areas to our south are perfect for Camellia Japonica. They are tolerant of a variety of conditions in the garden. We find the earlier blooming types are the most rewarding since they start blooming in early February and continue blooming until we have other shrubs steal the show in April and May.

Camellias (Spring Blooming)

Spring blooming camellias (Camellia Japonica) provide floral color in late winter and very early spring when not much else is blooming. Large established plants will bloom over a long period and even carpet the ground with petals. They produce many large flower buds, which open at different times so an extended bloom of 6 or more weeks is common.

Have you considered adding Spring Blooming Camellias to your landscape, but aren’t sure where to start? Let us help.

Information on our best selling Spring Blooming Camellias:

Red Spring Blooming Camellias:

Camellia Professor Sargent: Professor Sargent Camellia is a widely grown cultivar that has medium-large anemone-form flowers in a vivid deep crimson. With an early bloom and a vigorous and upright habit, this is a must-have in most gardens.

White Spring Blooming Camellias:

Camellia White by the Gate: Camellia White by the Gate produces a nearly continuous display of pure white, perfectly formed, double Camellia flowers over an extended period from early to late season in our gardens. A longtime favorite with an upright to rounded habit. The contrasting, dark green foliage creates the perfect foil for the pure white flowers.

Pink Spring Blooming Camellias:

Camellia Ack-Scent: Camellia Ack-Scent features delicate pink, medium to large, peony-shaped flowers in early spring against lustrous dark green leaves. The blooms have a spicy fragrance.

Camellia April Kiss: Camellia April Kiss is a very popular evergreen shrub with small-medium formal double flowers in early spring. Compact with a moderate growth rate. Great as a patio plant, screen or in mixed borders.