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Abelias are considered by many landscape and nursery professionals to be one of the most under-used flowering shrubs in the American Landscape. It is deciduous in colder parts of its range, meaning it loses its leaves, but as the range moves south into warmer parts of the country, it is grown as an evergreen shrub. Abelias offer colorful foliage, gorgeous, fragrant flowers, easy care, and deer resistance. Glossy Abelias flower heavily in the summer and sporadically into the fall. The flowers are fragrant and produce a heavenly scent that fills the garden. Find a place in the garden for at least one of these beauties and enjoy the many benefits of Abelia Shrubs.

Types of Abelia

Abelia shrubs or Glossy Abelia are heat tolerant plants available in a stunning array of leaf colors. Their attractive foliage and fragrant flowers make them beautiful members of any landscape.

Several cultivars of Abelia Grandiflora are available for purchase from Garden Goods Direct, including:

  • Abelia Kaleidoscope: Will add a pop of color to any landscape. White flowers in summer. A branch sport of Little Richard Abelia.
  • Abelia Little Richard: Fragrant white blooms stand out against the dark green leaves in summer through fall.
  • Rose Creek Abelia: pink-tinged white abelia flowers contrast nicely against the dark green leaves. Perfect for a low hedge.
  • Abelia Edward Goucher: The pinkest Abelia Flower on the market today.
  • Radiance Abelia: Green leaves with a hint of yellow on the edges. More evergreen than the other Abelias.

Why Plant Flowering Abelia?

Abelias have been used in American landscapes for many years due to their beautiful foliage color, bell-shaped flowers, unique habit, and ability to provide interest year-round. Their colorful leaves offer color throughout the growing season, with flowers in the summer and fall. They’re particularly interesting when used as a specimen in a landscape. Abelias can also be used as a hedge, foundation planting, or planted en masse.

On top of their season-long beauty in the landscape, abelia plants are highly useful in pollinator gardens. They provide a nectar source for many pollinators and hummingbirds, which helps to support your local ecosystem. They’re also an excellent means of covering eyesores in your garden, like utility meters and septic covers.

Tips for Choosing the Right Variety of Flowering Abelia Shrubs

One of the primary factors in choosing your Glossy Abelia is ensuring it’s appropriate for your area. Abelia does well in zones 5 through 9 and thrives in slightly acidic, well-drained soil. Be sure to choose a location that meets these conditions and gets either full or partial sun throughout the day.

Beyond these cultural considerations, choose an abelia that meets your landscape’s needs. Smaller varieties like the Abelia Little Richard and Abelia Kaleidoscope are good choices for areas of the yard where low-growing shrubs are needed, such as along walkways or below windows. In comparison, larger varieties like Abelia Edward Goucher are suitable for adding height to the back of the border or where a privacy hedge would be beneficial.

How to Care for Flowering Abelia Shrubs

Abelia's care is simple for the most part. The challenge mainly lies in establishing, watering, and proper pruning in winter or early spring. Once established, glossy abelia shrubs are impressively drought-tolerant and resistant to many natural pests and diseases. Abelia is very resistant to deer. 

It would be best to plant abelia shrubs in nutrient-rich soil and water them regularly in the initial stages of establishment. It’s important to prune them early in the spring to help them maintain their shape and avoid removing flower buds that begin to form in the late spring to early summer. Abelia can also be pruned after flowering to maintain shape and height.

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