Buy Abelia Shrubs Online

Abelias are one of those old fashioned plants that have become popular again because of their interesting foliage, showy flowers, reliable performance and the need for very little care. Abelias should definitely find a place in your landscape due to these factors. Newer cultivars of abelias provide a range of colors and forms. Abelia’s have attractive foliage, which is one of the most important factors for them finding their way into the gardens of today. Flowers offer several bursts of bloom from spring to fall, with clusters of fragrant and frilly pink and white tubular flowers born almost continuously for months. In colder areas of the country, the abelia plant is considered semi-evergreen, as it may lose half its leaves in cold winters. Do not worry, This is common as abelias are reliable and will burst forth with glossy new leaves in the spring. Our offering of abelias is ever-growing and we are pleased to be able to offer this wonderful group of new old plants.