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Willow trees are common landscape trees for homes, preferred for areas where the soil is moist and the sun is high. A great performer in many climates, willows are fast-growing and easy-to-care-for, making them a good choice for beginning gardeners.

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What Types of Willow Trees Are There?

There are willows of all shapes and sizes, from trees to shrubs. All share a love of moist soil and a tendency toward producing extensive root systems. Though their roots can be invasive if left to their own devices, willows are excellent trees if you have a swampier landscape. Garden Goods offers a few varieties for you to choose from.

The two most common willows are the weeping willow and the pussy willow. Weeping willows are known for their sweeping, droopy branches that sway in the breeze, while pussy willows are slightly perkier, with spring displays of fuzzy buds. Other types of willows commonly found in the United States include the gold and white willows, the black willows, and the corkscrew willows.

Why Should You Plant Willow Trees on Your Property?

Willow trees are wonderful ornamental trees, popular for their shade and their ability to function well in very moist environments. With their swaying branches and colorful blooms, willow trees are a beautiful addition to any landscape.

On top of their beauty, willows are excellent functional trees. They help protect your soil from water erosion with their extensive, thick root systems. Simultaneously, their branches are often homes to many bird species, making them a good choice for any bird enthusiast. They’re also easy to grow and maintain, making them good choices for beginning gardeners.

How Can You Find the Right Willow Trees for Your Home?

Before choosing the right variety of Willow trees for your home, decide what you want to use them for. Do you want a larger tree for shade or something on the small side for a hedge or ornamental specimen? Do you have a small landscape or something that could handle a tree that takes up a lot of space? The answers to these questions will determine the best Willow for your garden.

If you’re looking for a large standalone tree, the weeping willow is an excellent choice, with sweeping branches that make a statement. If something smaller is what you’re looking for, the pussy willow may be a better choice.

How Do You Care for Your Willow Trees?

Consider carefully where you plant your willow tree. Though they are easy to grow, their placement will play a large part in their health later in life. Willow trees, in general, tend to like moist, rich soil with plenty of nutrients, so try to find a place in your garden that tends to collect moisture well. To keep nutrients coming, be sure to apply willow tree fertilizer before planting and again each spring if your soil isn’t rich enough.

Other than these considerations, willow trees only require moderate care. They only need watering during a drought and are resistant to most pests and diseases. Most willow tree growth and care problems are caused by a lack of nutrients and water, so if these factors are maintained, they should live long lives. The only thing to consider with willows is pests and wildlife — deer and rabbits may nibble on roots and bark during the year, so you may consider getting a collar for younger trees.

Willow tree trimming should also be considered to keep your willow tree in good shape. This willow tree pruning should take place earlier in the year before the growing season starts hitting full swing.

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