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A healthy lawn, colorful garden beds and a beautiful landscape relies on the proper lawn and garden supplies including grass seed, soils and fertilizer, weed control, pest and disease control and the right gardening tools. If you’re looking for a product for your lawn or garden, consider our Woodie-approved selection of products at Garden Goods Direct.

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Types of Lawn and Garden Care Products for Sale

At Garden Goods Direct, our lawn and garden care supplies encompass the following product areas:

We also carry many organic garden care products, meeting your preferences for nurturing your garden without the use of toxic chemicals.

Why Use Lawn and Garden Care Supplies?

Regardless if you are tending to indoor plants or gardening outdoors, a set of lawn and garden care supplies offers several benefits for your gardening activities. They are the most used and trusted tools in your shed, with them, you can:

While you may only need some products on occasion, such as soil amendments, it’s convenient to always have fertilizer, weed killer and potting mix on-hand.

Tips for Choosing the Right Type of Lawn and Garden Care Product

With so many lawn and garden care supplies available, such as for pest and disease control, it can become a challenge to determine which is best for your landscape. That’s why our nursery experts recommend looking at your needs, as well as the features of your lawn and gardens. As an example, if you’re treating a disease infestation, you have to determine the disease beforehand.

For other supplies, such as hoses, sprinklers and other tools, look at your gardening habits or plans. If you’re making a garden a fair distance from your home, for instance, you may decide a hose will make your life easier, compared to making multiple trips to the new garden with your watering can. Or, you may prefer to test your soil, versus sending it in for analysis by your local extension office.

How to Use Lawn and Garden Care Supplies

A recommendation our nursery experts always make for lawn and garden care supplies is reading through the directions, specifically for the following products:

Many of the above products include explicit instructions about how to use them and when to use them. For example, you do not want to use disease and pest control products, as well as fertilizer, in rainy or windy conditions. You should also avoid spraying, spreading or applying them near a water drainage area or water source due to potential contamination. It’s also essential to wear gloves.

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Creating vibrant gardens and lush lawns requires time and continues care, which is why lawn and garden care products are essential landscaping tools. Whether you’re looking to curb the weeds throughout your grass, introduce potted plants to your home or improve your soil quality, you can trust Garden Goods Direct to have the supplies you need to make your dream landscape a reality. Need help? Contact customer service at for one of our friendly associates to help.

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