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A healthy lawn, colorful garden beds and a beautiful landscape relies on the proper lawn, plant and garden supplies, including grass seed, soils and fertilizer, weed control, insecticides, fungicides and the right gardening tools. 

When you buy gardening supplies online from Garden Goods Direct, you can have confidence knowing that you will be getting the highest quality lawn and garden care products available. We don’t sell anything that our team of experts don’t recommend or use themselves in their own gardens. Choose your must-have items from our vast selection of plants and garden supplies below!

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Are Plants and Garden Supplies Necessary?

You put in so much time, attention, and love into creating the gardening oasis of your dreams, proper plant and garden supplies are the missing piece to the puzzle that will help to keep your lawn and garden healthy for years to come. They are the most used and trusted tools in your shed, and with them you can:

While you may only need some products on occasion, such as soil amendments, it’s convenient to always have fertilizer, weed killer and potting mix on-hand.

Types of Outdoor Garden Supplies Sold Online at Garden Goods Direct

There are a lot of different plant and gardening supplies available that may leave you wondering if they are actually necessary. We will walk you through the ones our team of experts use in their own gardens and recommend using for yours:

Grass Seed and Lawn Care

Much of the attention may focus on shrubs, trees, and other plants in your garden, but the lawn cannot be neglected. Vibrant green grass is the epitome of a healthy lawn and garden, and the luscious color complements other plants in your landscape perfectly. From grass seeds and lawn food, to grass fertilizers and grass-specific weed control products, we carry it all!

Gardening Tools

Proper gardening tools are critical to creating and sustaining a healthy landscape. While you don’t have to get fancy with high-tech gadgets and all, every gardener should at least have the staples to be able to properly tend after their plants. One of our favorite gardening tools is a very sharp pair of shears that create clean cuts and leave no mess behind as we prune shrubs, trees, plants, and more!

Fungicide Treatment

Even if your landscape is composed of the hardiest and tolerant plants, there is always a risk of disease and fungus attacks. Our extensive selection of fungicide treatment will provide you with options so you can figure out what works best for you. We carry top-of-the-line products that our gardening experts trust to use on their own properties. Shop our selection of granules, sprays, and liquid solutions today!

Insecticide Treatment

From soaps and soils, to granules and spray treatments - you name it, we carry it! Few things are worse than when insects and pests threaten the livelihood of your plants. Find what you need to prevent attacks from happening, as well as treatments that will make your plant healthy again with Garden Goods Direct.

Weed Control Products

No matter how much attention and labor you put into creating the ultimate garden, weeds always rear their ugly heads. Weeds are a nuisance and can be detrimental to the health of your plant because they steal nutrients away. While weeds are inevitable, there are ways that you can slow growth and keep them at bay. Shop our selection of weed control products to find the right fit for your garden!

Soils and Fertilizers

Nutrition-rich soils and quality fertilizers should be a staple in every gardeners tool box. They should be used at least on an annual-basis, but play a key role in providing additional nutrients to help the plant thrive. It’s one of the easiest and most effective ways to support the health of your garden. Choose from plant-specific fertilizers, soil and fertilizer based on seasons, and much more!

Watering and Irrigation Supplies

While it may not be as exciting as some of the other outdoor garden supplies mentioned above, watering and irrigation supplies are absolutely essential for the sustainability of a lawn and garden. You will find options that will make this tedious yet necessary task much easier to accomplish, such as a slow-release watering bag that supplies trees and shrubs with a controlled intake of water.

Organic Gardening Supplies

We also carry many organic gardening supplies and products that will meet your preferences for nurturing your garden without the use of toxic chemicals. Choose from organic fertilizers, plant starters and foods specific to varying plant types, compost starters, and more!

How to Buy Garden Supplies Online

With so many lawn and garden care supplies available, it can become a challenge to determine which is best for your landscape. Follow some of our top tips when buying gardening supplies online to make sure you’re getting what you need:

What Need Do You Have?

Our nursery experts recommend looking at your needs first - what is currently happening in your yard that needs to be addressed? Are the issues with your lawn, or are they focused around your flowerbeds, trees, or shrubs? As an example, if you’re treating a disease infestation, you have to determine the disease beforehand.

Trusted Tools Save Time & Resources

Other times you may just need some additional support from trusted tools that can also help you save time and resources. Soaker hoses are an excellent way to become efficient with your time and to ensure that your garden is getting a thorough watering. While it’s a useful addition to any gardeners practice, it’s especially helpful for those who don’t have the time to manually water their plants and trees.

Preparing for New Additions

There are certain plants that prefer specific conditions that may not already be present with your existing soil. For example, you have dreamed of having Hydrangeas in your garden for years, but have recently discovered that they prefer to grow in acidic soils which is something that your yard is not made of. By adding a fertilizer that increases the acidity levels of your soil, you can grow Hydrangeas either right in your garden or in your favorite planting container! That’s just one example of how you can prepare for new additions.

How to Use Lawn and Garden Care Supplies

A recommendation our nursery experts always make for lawn and garden care supplies is reading through the directions, specifically for the following products:

Many of the above products include explicit instructions about how to use them and when to use them. For example, you do not want to use disease and pest control products, as well as fertilizer, in rainy or windy conditions. You should also avoid spraying, spreading or applying them near a water drainage area or water source due to potential contamination. It’s also essential to wear gloves!

Buy Gardening Supplies Online from the Plant Experts!

Creating vibrant gardens and lush lawns requires time and continues care, which is our plant and gardening supplies are essential. Whether you’re looking to curb the weeds throughout your grass, introduce potted plants to your home or improve your soil quality, you can trust Garden Goods Direct to have the supplies you need to make your dream landscape a reality. Need help? Contact customer service at for one of our friendly associates to help. Happy shopping!