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Maple trees grow to heights of more than 70 feet. Maples produce unique, vibrant fall colors in shades of yellow, red, orange, burgundy Maple trees are fast growing and easy to maintain. Varieties and species of maple trees are red maples, Sugar maple trees, Silver maple tree, Japanese maples, and many other types including many hybrids.

Maple trees are favorites in the home and commercial landscape setting, especially in the North East. These trees add vibrant color and glossy leaves during the growing season. They provide much-needed shade in most parts of the united states and can be planted in just about any soil type. Maples should be planted in the full sun or partial shade.

The root system of maple trees tends to grow downward rather than on the surface, so planting near foundations and sidewalks poses no problems.

Maple trees also attract a variety of birds and wildlife into the yard. Many bird species find the maples strong horizontal branching structure perfect for nesting.

Different types of Maple Trees:

Red Maples - Red maple trees are also known as Swamp maples. They are native to North America. Red Maples such as Autumn Blaze red maple and October Glory are perfect for lawns of all sizes and provide shade quickly.

Red maples can reach heights of 50 feet to 60 feet. They are very popular for the show they put on during the fall months.  

Japanese Maple - Japanese maples are perhaps the most easily recognized maple tree due mostly to their red color. They are most often used as a specimen tree in landscapes. Japanese maples are smaller than their North American cousins. They are typically planted in front yards where they are used as focal points.

They have a slower growth rate and the taller varieties top out at heights of 20 to 25 feet when fully mature.

Japanese maples are not often used as shade trees due to their smaller size. Taller varieties such as Bloodgood Japanese Maple provide about the best-filtered sun we've ever seen. They allow just enough sunlight through to allow other plants to grow underneath but not heat up the area. A well grown Japanese maple tree is perfect for use as a cover for sitting areas or patios.

Why plant Maple trees?

Maple trees are easy to grow, sturdy, long-lived and typically low maintenance. In addition to the brilliant fall color, maple trees also have a beautiful shape that will compliment any landscape setting.

One of the most significant benefits of maple trees includes shading the sunny side of your home to help keep the entire home cooler in the summer, then dropping those leaves in the fall to let the winter sun help heat the house.

When planting young maple trees regardless of the species or type, be sure not to bury the root ball below the soil line. We always say that after planting, you should be able to see the top of the growing soil.