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A variety of plant pots are for sale today, including for walls, tabletops and more. They’re also available in a variety of shapes and casts, such as round, oval and square, as well as molds of figures, animals and more. Because of their versatility, it’s quite easy to discover a design that matches the atmosphere and layout of your outdoor areas, like your butterfly garden or patio area.

Many planters are available for the outdoors, including fiber and resin, plastic and wicker, as well as cast stone. If you’re debating between pots, they all offer benefits. Our nursery experts, however, like to have a few cast stone planters throughout their gardens and outdoor entertainment areas, as they’re a classic choice for potting plants. They can endure colder temperatures and windy weather, too.

Tips for Choosing the Right Type of Planters

When exploring the different planters for sale, it’s essential to consider the following factors:

If you’re debating between a few different styles of cast stone planters — or if you’re unsure of the best size for your plant — you can always ask our nursery experts!

How to Use Cast Stone Planters in Landscapes

After you’ve picked out your cast stone garden planters, our nursery experts suggest reviewing your gardening supplies and making sure you have:

Once you place your order and your package arrives, you can begin bringing your cast stone planters into your garden. To start, review your fertilizer’s instructions and decide if you’ll include it in your potting mix. If you do, blend the two together and fill each of your planters about one-fourth of the way. Next, take your plants out of their existing planters or plant trays. If your plants are well-established in their pots, you may have to break some pots to remove your plants safely.

With your plant removed, examine their root-ball. Are there any roots outside of the root-ball? If yes, you can go ahead and prune those. If not, proceed by adding your plant to your cast stone garden planter and pouring in the remainder of potting mix. After you settle your plants, make sure you give them a deep watering from your hose or watering can.

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The traditional look of cast stone planters adds elegance to your gardens and draws everyone’s eyes to the vibrant colors of your blossoming plants. Plus, it’s a pot that lasts throughout the outdoor weather, which is why it’s a favorite among our nursery experts and gardeners of all experience levels.

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