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Weigelia shrubs are valued for their uses as specimen and border plants, with their old-fashioned beauty and beautiful blooms. These low-maintenance plants are tough and hardy, making them an excellent choice for any beginning gardener wanting to add something to their landscape. If you want one of these beautiful flowering shrubs for your garden, Garden Goods Direct can help! We offer quality specimens at competitive prices, as well as advice on how to care for them! Read on to learn more about this fascinating flowering shrub.

Types of Flowering Weigela Shrubs

Weigela shrubs are gorgeous shrubs with deep purple-green foliage and brightly-colored flowers. These compact shrubs are great choices for focal points in mixed borders, but can also be used as walk-up plants and specimens.

Though these plants vary in height, the two cultivars offered by Garden Goods Direct are very small and colorful — these are the spilled wine and midnight wine varieties. The spilled wine features small pink flowers that pop from the purple foliage. The plant grows only three feet high, making it an excellent border plant. The midnight wine is even smaller, growing up to 1.5 feet high and featuring pink flowers in the spring.

Why Plant Flowering Weigela Shrubs?

Flowering weigelia shrubs are excellent border plants, often used in the borders of gardens, walkways and driveways. In these locations, their beautiful dark foliage is given center stage. They also provide excellent contrast when planted with lighter-colored plants in group planting. Weigelia shrubs are also highly attractive to hummingbirds and pollinators, which helps support your local ecosystem and other plants in your garden.

On top of these benefits, weigelia shrubs require little maintenance, so you can enjoy their dark beauty with minimal care. Hardy and resistant to most diseases, this shrub requires only a little bit of water and a place in the sun to thrive.

Tips for Choosing the Right Variety of Flowering Weigelia Shrubs

Before choosing to plant a flowering Weigelia shrub in your garden, first determine how appropriate it is for your location. Weigelia shrubs do best in USDA zones 5 through 8, so some of the northernmost and southernmost areas of the United States may not be suitable for this shrub. If you live in its growing area, all you need is an area with great sun and well-drained soil.

Beyond these considerations, your choice in weigelia shrub will come down to size and preference. The spilled wine variety is a good choice if you want a larger shrub with more prominent flowers, but if you want something smaller to border your garden, the midnight wine may be a better choice.

How to Care for Flowering Weigelia Shrubs

First, consider how to plant flowering weigela shrubs — your weigelia should be planted in full sun or partially shaded area to keep it healthy. The soil should be moist and well-drained, and you should consider fertilizing the soil before planting to encourage root growth. Once planted, water your weigelia well until it is firmly established.

Once your weigelia is established, it will take on a life of its own. These plants only require occasional watering and pruning to thrive, making them a smart choice for beginning gardeners. If you notice your plant is getting unruly, you can prune it to help it retain its shape — just be sure to prune after your plant is done blooming for the year.

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