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Loved for their intoxicating fragrance and white flowers contrasting with their leathery green leaves, gardenias are a popular ornamental shrub.Use gardenias as hedge plants along sidewalks, entryways, and fences or as specimen plants anywhere in the garden where their fragrance can be appreciated. Low-growing spreading cultivars, such as ‘Radicans’, are attractive in borders or as groundcovers. 

Benefits of Buying Gardenias

Extremely Fragrant Spring Blooms

The number one reason people plant gardenias, outside of the beauty they bring to a landscape, is for their extremely fragrant spring blooms.

The white rose-like flowers that Gardenia shrubs produce a strong floral aroma with hints of acidic freshness. As the base scent of many popular perfume lines, it’s no wonder why people enjoy the intoxicating smell of Gardenias!

Exceptionally Long Bloomer

The next benefit of Gardenia shrubs beyond their encapsulating fragrance is their exceptionally long bloom times! While many spring trees and shrubs only bloom for a few weeks, Gardenias are known to bloom an average of 6-8 weeks!

Gardenias typically begin blooming in early May and can continue to push out flowers throughout the summer and into the fall!

Tolerant of Many Conditions

Another benefit of Gardenia shrubs is their impressive tolerance to various conditions! Gardenias are considered fairly hardy plants. According to a scholarly source from Clemson University, the Chinese have grown Gardenias for over a thousand years!

These long-lived, hardy shrubs have been known even to handle light freezes! However, it is important to note that the foliage can get damaged with extended exposure to low temperatures in the cooler months.

How To Select The Right Gardenia For Your Yard

What's Your Grow Zone?

The first step to selecting what Gardenia is best for you is determining your USDA Grow Zone. Not sure what your specified garden zone is? Don't fret! We have just the tool for you.

Utilize our Find Your Grow Zone Tool to determine what growing zones your yard is suited for easily.

What's Your Landscape's Style?

Once you've determined what Gardenia shrubs will grow best in your climate, you can move on to selecting a style that best suits your landscape vision. With a wide range of Gardenias available for purchase, there is a Gardenia shrub for everyone!

Our Best-Selling Gardenia

August Beauty Gardenia

August Beauty Gardenia is a gorgeous addition for near entryways, patios, and garden borders! The fragrant white flowers are also popular for use in cut flower arrangements, wedding bouquets, and corsages!

Dwarf Gardenia Radicans

Dwarf Gardenia Radicans is a great smaller option of Gardenia perfect for container gardens and small landscapes. The variegated cream and forest-green foliage make for a unique pop of color and elevate any outdoor space.

Fragrant Pathways Gardenia

Fragrant Pathways Gardenia is just as it sounds; perfect for lining pathways and creating a fragrant garden oasis! This stunning evergreen shrub boasts lime green foliage and is more tolerant of direct sunlight than other Gardenias.

Frost Proof Gardenia

Unlike your typical Gardenias, which can freeze and fail to produce flowers, the Frost Proof Gardenia was specifically bred to handle low temperatures and can readily tolerate frost conditions.

Kleim’s Hardy Gardenia

Much like the Frost Proof Gardenia, Kleim’s Hardy Gardenia is praised for its ability to withstand cold temperatures and various conditions.

How To Care For Gardenia Shrubs


When planting your Gardenia, we recommend selecting a space with full sun to light shade. Additionally, it is important that you select a space with a well-draining soil medium.


Once planted, thoroughly water your Gardenia so the soil is damp but not soggy.


Gardenia will benefit from applying a slow-release fertilizer in the growing seasons of spring and summer.

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