All Indoor Plants for Sale Online

Indoor Plants are a welcoming addition to any home interior, adding color and life to any room. Whether it is for their air-purifying qualities or their aesthetic benefits, choosing a houseplant for your interior decoration instantly elevates your space. Available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, there is a houseplant to match every aesthetic and design scheme. We're confident that plant lovers of any level can find the perfect plant from our large selection.

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What Types of Indoor Plants Are There?

"Indoor Plants" applies to various plants, ranging from succulent plants to Indoor trees. The shared features between these plants are their relatively small size and tolerance for consistently warm conditions, which make them ideal for indoor environments. Some are even pet-friendly!

The large selection of house Plants we have available at Garden Goods Direct includes:

  • Anthurium: A popular tropical flower known as the Flamingo Flower, it has heart-shaped leaves and a fleshy spike growing from the center. Anthuriums give an exotic feel to any home.
  • Burgundy Ficus: Also known as the rubber plant, this is an ornamental ficus with deep burgundy leaves that make it a unique potted houseplant. Burgundy Ficus is so easy to care for you'll swear it's a faux plant.
  • Cast Iron Plant: An extremely hardy houseplant, this potted plant is an Asian native with broad, thick leaves that are nearly indestructible.
  • Chinese Evergreens: Another hardy houseplant, the Chinese evergreen or Aglaonema, has variegated leaves in about all colors of the rainbow. The Pink Dalmatian variety features purple and pink spots and darker green edges, while the Silver Bay has pastel green leaves with silver centers. Chinese evergreens are well-known as clean-air plants.
  • Calathea: Calatheas are a popular choice for low-light areas of your home. They look great in the living room; as a bonus, they're pet-friendly.
  • Dracaena: Consisting of trees and succulent plants, the Dracaenas are easy to care for, with long leaves varying in color from reddish-green to silver-edged.
  • Dwarf Umbrella Tree: Also called Schefflera Arboricola, the umbrella tree plant is a woody, easy-to-maintain plant with shiny multi-colored oval leaves that grow in a delicately whorled formation.
  • Fig Trees: Fig trees are unique indoor plants with lush, rounded leaves that add excellent decoration to any interior. At Garden Goods Direct, we carry several varieties of Ficus trees, including the Little Fiddle Fig Standard, Ficus Benjamina or Weeping Fig, Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush, and Fiddle Leaf Fig Standard.
  • Indoor Fruit Trees: Looking for a houseplant that can produce fruit? Garden Goods Direct offers several Citrus trees that can grow inside, like the Meyer Lemon Tree, Navel Orange Tree, Persian Lime Tree, and Key Lime Tree.
  • Pothos: The Pothos plant is a hardy indoor plant that grows well in low light and water conditions. Buy Jade Pothos or Neon Pothos plants online for a lush plant that suits any beginning interior gardener.
  • Money Tree: The Money Tree is said to bring good fortune and luck to its owners. With a thick base and a delicate canopy, the Money Tree is a beautiful tree with a legendary story.
  • Norfolk Island Pine: These evergreen plants appear as small groups of Christmas-Tree-like sprouts. They're not cold-hardy, so they're more of a challenging houseplant with a holiday vibe.
  • Palms: Palm trees are low-maintenance houseplants with distinctive growing patterns. At Garden Goods Direct, we carry the Roebelenii Pygmy Date Palms, Bamboo Palms, Parlor Palms, and Ponytail Palms, to name a few.
  • Philodendrons: Philodendrons are the single most popular group of houseplants sold today, from the Split-leaf Philodendron to the painted lady.
  • Peace Lily: These popular houseplants are surprisingly resilient and forgiving, with distinctive cupped white leaves with spikes of flowers growing from the center.
  • Snake Plant: Snake plants are distinctive for their long, rigid leaves pointing toward the sky. Varieties include the Snake Plant Black Coral and Snake Plant Moonshine, each with its color variation.
  • Spider Plants: Another easy-to-grow hanging houseplant with a unique look, spider plants produce arching clumps of foliage.
  • Bird of Paradise: With enormous leaves and exotic white flowers, the white bird of paradise is a beautiful plant for any collection.
  • ZZ Plant: This glossy-leaved houseplant is the hardiest of the hardy, which makes its alternative name, the "Eternity Plant," make sense.

Why Should You Buy Indoor Plants?

House plants are excellent for interior decoration, utility, and aesthetics.

On the utility side, house plants benefit your home's internal conditions. One of the primary benefits of having houseplants in your home is that they produce clean air by using carbon dioxide to produce oxygen. Some plants, like spider plants, even help eliminate indoor odors.

Aesthetically, house plants add a bit of greenery to your interior design, giving a sense of calm to your home. Peaceful and elegant, houseplants are universally appreciated and come in a wide range to suit any taste. Choose a hanging ivy for some overhead charm or a colorful flower for a centerpiece — you have plenty of options.

How Can You Find the Right Indoor Plants for Your Home?

Choosing a houseplant for your home does take a little bit of planning. If you have any pets, make sure the house plant you choose isn't poisonous to them. You might also consider how often you'll be home to water your plant — some plants require much more care and attention than others.

You may also need to consider the size of your plant. For example, though having an indoor fruit tree may be attractive, not everyone has the room or light to keep one.

Once you have a good sense of what type of plant is right for you, the next priority is to find one that suits your aesthetic preferences. Are you looking for a colorful focal point for your room or something more discreet to place on a windowsill? You might also consider how the plant's color will interact with the rest of your interior decorations.

How Do You Care for Your Indoor Plants?

Caring for your houseplant requires considering its specific needs, which are usually detailed on an instruction card that comes with your plant. Since the word "houseplant" covers many plants, care instructions vary from plant to plant. Ensure your plant is placed in a location with plenty of light and warmth. If you have any questions about how to care for your houseplant, talk to one of the nursery experts at Garden Goods Direct today!

In general, houseplants will come ready to put in a pot of your choosing using potting soil. Be sure to give your plant room to grow, and water it regularly after potting to give it a good start. However, be sure not to overwater your plant — one of the leading causes of houseplant death is overwatering, which causes a plant's roots to rot. Regularly clean your plants to remove any built-up dust, and groom them to avoid branch crowding.

It's also a good idea to check your plant for signs of insect infestations and diseases since these can kill a houseplant quickly if left unchecked.

For more information on how to repot a houseplant, follow the steps in our planting guide: How to Repot a Plant.