Lipstick Plants for Sale Online

Aeschynanthus Radicans, or Lipstick Plants, are a very popular evergreen tropical houseplant. They get their name from the vibrant colored and tubular flowers they bloom. Their flowers grow in clusters are complemented by their waxy, glossy, green foliage. Lipstick Plants go beautifully in hanging baskets because of their cascading, vining growing habit. Native to tropical regions of Southeast Asia, they can be found growing from tree branches or in cracks of rocks in the wild. Because they are from tropical climates, these plants love humidity. Generally, you will notice your plant being the most bountiful in summer and fall.

Types of Lipstick Plants

Mona Lisa Lipstick Plant

Mona Lisa lipstick plants produce beautiful tubular blooms on cascading, glossy green vines. They are extremely low-maintenance houseplants and go great in hanging baskets where they can vine freely. The petals of the flowers on your Mona Lisa plant are spotted with maroon and yellow and are very attractive in any home. 

Lipstick Plant

Known for their bright red, tubular flowers that resemble tubes of lipstick. They look beautiful in hanging baskets where their vines can cascade down. This is one of the only houseplants that will produce flowers indoors. Their blossoms are complemented by glossy green leaves that make this plant a great focal point in anymore. This plant is also pet-friendly and will not harm your furry friends.

Rasta Lipstick Plant

This particular lipstick plant's foliage twists in a tight curl, making it a unique-looking houseplant. However, this is still a vining houseplant and looks stunning in a hanging basket where it can vine down. Your Rasta lipstick plant produces deep maroon flowers that are perfectly complemented by their deep green foliage. Your plant will produce its blooms from summer to fall.

Fireworks Lipstick Plant

Firework lipstick plants produce bright and vibrant orange-red flowers that spread wide open. Their blossoms are complemented by glossy green foliage. This plant looks beautiful when it is placed in a hanging basket or on the edge of a shelf; so it can cascade down effortlessly. Do not give this plant direct sunlight; it will burn and become damaged.

How to Care for Lipstick Plants


Lipstick plants like consistent moisture, particularly during the peak of their growing period. However, be sure not to overwater your plant because that could lead to root rot disease and permanently damage your houseplant. We recommend watering your plant moderately and not doing so until the potting soil is medium to dry and the top 2 or 3 inches are not damp.


Potted lipstick plants thrive in well-treated, evenly moist, and light potting soil. To ensure your plant's soil is well-draining, try adding sphagnum moss into their soil. Doing so will prevent over-compaction and promote absorbency. Always ensure your plant is potted in a container with drainage holes. Keeping your plant in a pot with well-draining soil and proper drainage holes will be the best way to keep your plant's soil exactly where it needs to be. 


Lipstick plants like bright, filtered sunlight conditions. If you give your plant too much direct sunlight, it can cause leaf scorch and ultimately burn off your plant's leaves. If you notice the leaves are browning or crispy, try moving your plant in a more filtered sunlight spot of your home. However, keep in mind that too little light will make it very difficult for your plant to flower. Too little light can also lead to leaf drop. Optimal sunlight is difficult to get exactly right for this plant, but as long as you keep your eye on it, your plant will happy and healthy. 


Because Lipstick plants have a cascading growing habit, pruning their stems can help prevent the plant from looking straggly. If you notice some of the vines on your plant looking leggy, it is best to prune them off. Doing so will allow for new and healthy growth space to grow. Keeping up with this habit will always ensure your plant looks healthy and full. 

How to Propagate Lipstick Plants

Propagating Lipstick plants is hassle-free when taking stem cuttings. Look for healthy, new growth and cut a piece that is around 5 inches long. You should choose a section without any blooms on it and make sure to remove all but a few leaves on the cutting. Next, dip the end of your cutting into a rooting hormone before you plant it in your desired container. Always be sure to plant your cutting in a potting soil that is kept moist and out of direct sunlight. In no time, you will begin to see your new Lipstick plant thrive and grow.