Evergreen Trees for Sale Online

Evergreen trees are a staple in every garden, or at least they should be! Not only do they provide year-round color and interest, adding life to your landscape even on the gloomiest of winter days, but many types are highly resilient. Their low maintenance and luscious appearance make them one of the most popular plants among gardeners, both experienced and new. We carry evergreens that are small, large, wide, narrow, and everything in between!

Our collection of evergreens for sale are produced from the highest quality stock plants available, and each one has Woodie’s Seal of Approval so you can have confidence that your tree will thrive for years to come. If you’re not sure where to start with buying evergreen trees online, we recommend first identifying what grow zone you live in. From there, our experts will provide you with a list of evergreens that grow best in your region. Still have questions after that? You can always contact us and our nursery experts will help guide you in the right direction. Shop our collection of evergreens for sale below!

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What Are the Benefits of Buying Evergreen Trees?

Vibrant Color All Year Long

One of the most popular benefits of buying evergreens is their ability to hold their foliage and color all year long. This makes them an ideal focal point for your yard design. Even in the dead of winter, your evergreen tree will retain its vibrant color creating a stunning backdrop against the snow. Our collection of evergreens for sale comes in a variety of green, blue, gold, or variegated hues! They make picturesque pillars to line a drive, majestic cornerstones to designate a property line or classic yet straightforward additions to your landscaping plan.

Create Privacy

Many people also use these as privacy trees because they act as a buffer tree for the whole year. Their dense shape allows you the privacy you desire and are far less expensive and time-consuming than building a fence, making them the perfect match for anyone craving low-maintenance yard work and privacy. View our full collection of privacy trees for sale!

Highly Resilient

For new gardeners, you can’t beat the resilience of an evergreen tree. Even if your thumb isn’t quite green yet, you can develop your confidence with these sturdy trees. Aside from occasional watering and pruning, very minimal effort is required to keep these trees healthy and growing. Read on to find out what you need to do to maintain and care for your evergreen tree.

Supports Native Wildlife

Another added benefit of evergreen trees is that they support native wildlife surrounding your property, especially during the winter season. While you may not see as much wildlife during chillier seasons, sturdy evergreen trees provide much-needed shelter and protection from the elements for native fauna.

How To Buy the Right Evergreen Tree for Your Home

While evergreen trees may share similarities, there are enough differences that should be considered during the decision-making process. Before you buy an evergreen tree online, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is your overall goal for the evergreen?
    The first step is to always ask yourself this question before you purchase a plant, especially online. Are you looking to add a focal point to your garden? Do you need to plant taller trees to shield against strong winds on your property? Or are you looking for an evergreen tree to line the perimeter of your yard and driveway? Depending on what you’re trying to achieve, the answer is going to differ.
  • What is the design or color scheme of your home?
    Matching the aesthetic and design of your home or property is often overlooked, but a very important step! If you plan this out before you buy your evergreen tree, you can save yourself a lot of money, time, and heartache - repainting the exterior of your home or property is expensive. Gather inspiration from Pinterest, landscaping, and home design magazines and websites.
  • What is the size of your yard?
    Luckily, evergreen trees are diverse and come in many different shapes and sizes. The Hollywood Juniper is an expansive evergreen tree that would best suit larger yards. However, not all is lost if you have a smaller space! Evergreen trees that grow tall and narrow, like the American Pillar Arborvitae, are perfect for city settings where yards don’t just come as vast as they do in suburbs. It will also provide you with extra privacy as it grows over the years.

How to Care for Evergreen Trees

When you buy evergreen trees online from Garden Goods Direct, our experts include detailed, specific, and simple instructions on what you need to do to care for them supporting their growth and longevity. Each plant differs in its care and maintenance routine, however, there are some general rules that can be applied to evergreen trees that you should follow:

Properly prepare for planting

Conifers need little ongoing maintenance, provided you plant them in the right place and give them proper care from the beginning. Find a place in the yard that has sun, but won’t get too dry during the winter. We recommend planting your tree in early spring - the soil has softened up, is cool and damp, and the tree will be ready for spring rain showers. Avoid planting evergreen trees in summer as this can put the tree in “thermal shock.”

Provide enough water

The tree will be in a delicate state after being transported, so make sure to water it thoroughly in the pot it was delivered in prior to replanting it in the chosen spot. If the root ball is dry upon planting, you run the risk of drying out your tree even if the soil surrounding it is moist. During the early phases of transplantation (typically up to a year), we recommend watering it anywhere between 1-3 inches weekly. After that, a thorough watering twice a week or so is sufficient enough. You want the soil to be damp, but not soaking to the point where the roots can drown.

Dig the planting well

You might have heard us say this before, but the standard planting well size for a tree is just as deep as the root ball (or pot it was delivered in) and 2-3 times as wide. Use the pot your evergreen was delivered to guide you when digging the well or hole. The width needs to be larger because the roots will need extra space to spread out as the tree grows.

Add in essential nutrients

A little fertilizer, in the beginning, is just what a freshly planted tree needs. The nutrients in organic fertilizer and compost will give it the extra boost it needs to settle in and start growing. Use fertilizer each spring, making sure to pick one heavy in nitrogen. Since needles can dry out in the winter, your best bet is well-draining, moist, acidic soil to help protect the tree. Coffee grounds can be added to soil increasing the acidity level for plants that do well in such environments, helping them grow and remain healthy.

Seasonal pruning and trimming

Prune your conifers, taking care to correct growth rather than to shape. We recommend that you do your pruning in spring or early summer to give the tree time to harden off before the harsh winter weather. To maintain a natural shape, follow the branching pattern of the evergreen. However, you can also prune the tree to create a pristine cut if that is the look you’re trying to create in your garden.

What Are the Types of Evergreens?

The addition of these stalwart beauties to your landscape provides a classic, distinguished look made even better by their low-maintenance requirements. They also pair well with any home style, landscape setting, or existing plants. Woodie’s approved evergreens for sale can adapt to nearly any climate, browse our selection of online evergreen trees below!


Holly trees are often associated with the holidays because of their classic shape and festive red berries. While we do carry those types, like the Christmas Jewel, other variations, like the American Holly and Nellie Stevens Holly, are understated enough where they would look appropriate and stunning in any season.


Pine trees are excellent evergreens to plant on any property. They are resilient, expansive, and provide many benefits both aesthetic to practical. Our collection consists of various types including the Eastern White Pine, Japanese Black Pine, Austrian Pine, and more.


Cypress trees are so versatile in their design. They come in wide, dense, expansive shapes like the Leyland Cypress - perfect for bordering property lines or creating barriers to protect against harsh winds. Or switch to the complete opposite spectrum with the Italian Cypress. It holds a classic, tall, and skinny shape making it a beautiful addition to any garden regardless of size.


Possibly one of the most popular evergreen trees we carry, the Arborvitae are as resilient and luscious as they come! Recognized for their classic triangular shape, you’ll find varieties that grow tall, wide, or as a combination of both. Their design is versatile and complements any landscape.


Junipers are highly resilient and forgiving trees and can withstand harsh, dry conditions. They are ideal options if you live on large areas of land and need protection from the elements. In addition to the practical benefits they provide, they are also excellent aesthetic pieces! The Blue Point Two-Ball Topiary holds such a unique and fun shape allowing you to showcase your creativity right in your yard.


Looking for a tree that has it all? Luscious foliage, vibrant color, varying sizes, unique textures, and resilience. If you’re looking for a standout tree, the Blue Atlas grows tall and has a stunning blue hue that’s sure to capture a few glances. Want something more unique? You may enjoy the Golden Deodar with its uniquely shaped branches and vast size.


A long-standing favorite, Spruce trees hold a classic cone-like shape and come in hues that vary from green, blue or a mixture of the two. Plant them in your garden as a focal point or use them for their functionality. Our collection of Spruce Trees for sale consist of varying species and sizes. Smaller trees, like the Dwarf Alberta, are perfect for cozier spaces, while massive evergreens, like the Norway Spruce, need the extra space.