Evergreen Trees

Evergreen Trees


Evergreen Trees for Sale at Garden Goods Direct

The addition of evergreens to your landscape provides a classic, distinguished look made even better by their low-maintenance requirements. While all evergreens share the unique distinction of keeping their gorgeous foliage all year long, they come in many sizes, shapes, and textures, adding variety and visual interest to any lawn. They also pair well with any home style, landscape setting or existing plants.

Woodie’s approved Evergreen trees can adapt to nearly any climate. Beginning gardeners will find them easy to grow and very forgiving too.  Whether you are a novice gardener looking to expand your landscaping horizons or a seasoned gardener searching for the perfect addition to your home’s outdoor appeal, we have the evergreen trees you need.

What’s not to love about evergreen trees? Evergreens deliver year-round color, as well as providing a privacy or screen alternative to expensive fencing and can block wind, provide shade, and reduce your heating and cooling bills. Evergreen privacy trees are typically needled and broad-leafed and come in a wide range of colors, from hunter green to silvery blue, yellow, copper, gray-green, blue-green, chartreuse, as well as plants with variegated foliage. While many traditional living walls sport dark-hued plants, a golden or silver-blue conifer can add winter interest in a perennial bed, particularly when blooms have disappeared for the season.

It’s easy to grow a privacy hedge with evergreen trees. Trees, such as the Leyland Cypress, are fast growing and thrive in less than ideal conditions. If you are looking for a smaller type of hedge, Thuja trees will do the trick. Nellie Stevens Holly makes an excellent hedge as well.

Consider the fabulous structure of evergreen privacy trees as well. From shiny magnolia leaves to weeping conifers, evergreen trees add beauty and texture throughout all seasons in the garden. We sell a wide variety of evergreen trees, including Cryptomeria Trees, Arborvitae Trees, Thuja Trees, Cypress, Holly, Juniper, and Pine Trees

What Are the Different Types of Evergreen Trees

When you hear the term ‘evergreen trees,’ you may imagine picturesque trees adorned with lights and ornaments during the holiday season. However, the designation “evergreen” encompasses a large number of different tree species.


You’ll likely encounter some of these trees without realizing they fall into the evergreen category. For instance, you may not have realized holly trees are in fact evergreens. A few other types include:

  • Leyland Cypresses: They love swampy soil and are fast-growing. Some varieties can grow to 60 feet or more!
  • Eastern White Pine: These are the perfect native species that is easy to grow and very adaptable to most conditions.
  • Sky Rocket Juniper: You’ll typically see these slender trees flourishing on either side of a front door or lining walkways.

What Are the Benefits of Planting Evergreens in Your Yard

Because they remain green all year-round (hence the evergreen name), these trees make an ideal focal point for your yard design.  They make picturesque pillars to line a drive, majestic cornerstones to designate a property line or simple yet classic additions to your landscaping plan.


Many people also use evergreens as privacy trees because they act as a buffer for the whole year. Their dense shape allows you the privacy you desire and are far less expensive and time-consuming than building a fence, making them the perfect match for anyone craving low-maintenance yard work and privacy.

Finally, for new gardeners, you can’t beat the resilience of an evergreen tree. Even if your thumb isn’t quite green yet, you can develop your confidence with these tough trees. If you’re not sure what evergreen tree to choose for your yard, let us help. Talk to Woodie or one of our nursery experts. We’re here to help you find that perfect evergreen to give you the yard of your dreams.

How to Find the Right Variety of Evergreen for Your Home

What type of evergreen tree is right for your home depends where you intend to plant it. If you like the look of twin trees standing as sentinels near a door, gate or entryway, a skinnier tree such as a Juniper or Italian Cypress is the right choice. Do you enjoy gazing at Christmas trees and want their comforting look on your property all year long? Explore thujas, cypresses or pines to match your desired shape and height.


For fans of berries, holly trees are a great choice. They have festive berries that add color to the landscape. You can make just about any evergreen work on your property, but you’ll want to choose the tree or trees that match your visual appeal. Are you at a loss of which evergreen tree to choose? Let us help! Woodie and his team of nursery experts can help you choose an evergreen that meets all of your landscaping needs!

How to Care for Your New Evergreen Trees

Evergreens need little ongoing maintenance, provided you plant them in the right place and give them proper care from the beginning. Find a place in the yard that has sun, but won’t get too dry during the winter. Since needles can dry out in the winter, your best bet is well-draining, moist, acidic soil to help protect the tree.


Putting compost down around the tree with a layer of mulch on top will help keep the ground around it moist. You should use a fertilizer each spring for your evergreens, making sure to pick one heavy in nitrogen. Prune your evergreens, taking care to correct growth rather than to shape. Do your pruning in spring or early summer to give the tree time to repair before the harsh weather of winter.

Spruce Up Your Yard: Buy Evergreen Trees From Garden Goods Direct Today 

Do you imagine your property decked out for year-round beauty and privacy with an infusion of evergreen trees? If so, Garden Goods Direct is your partner in re-greening your life. All of our evergreen trees have earned Woodie’s Seal of Approval — you can count on their durability.

Get in touch with one of our experts today if you need a hand deciding which evergreen tree is the right one for you. Once you know, shop of selection of evergreen trees online!