Pothos Plants for Sale Online

Pothos plants or The Devil's Ivy is the perfect houseplant for beginners looking for a confidence-boosting plant to get them started as plant parents. Pothos is one of the easiest house plants that you can grow. This popular indoor plant features green leaves splashed and marbled in yellow, cream, or white shades. There are also varieties with solid colored leaves of bluish-green and neon yellow.

Pothos are easy to grow in hanging baskets, allowed to climb a moss pole or trellis, or grown horizontally along a tabletop, shelf, or mantle. All members of the Pothos family are air-purifying plants. They have been shown to filter and purify indoor air from carbon monoxide, benzene, and formaldehyde, all common air contaminants in homes and offices.

Growing Pothos Plants Indoors

Lighting and Humidity Conditions For Pothos 

Pothos plants (Pothos Epipremnum Aureum) are one of the most popular indoor plants loved for their low maintenance care regimen. These trailing plants do best in a bright indirect light and high humidity levels. However, because these houseplants are so easy going, they can also adapt to a wide range of light conditions and humidity levels. Pothos can tolerate low light better than most tropical plants. It is important to note that the lower the light, the less variegation your plant will have.

Watering Your Pothos Plant

Depending on the temperatures, and plant placement your plants watering needs will vary. As one of the easiest houseplants to grow, they are not too needy when it comes to water and prefer to dry out between waterings. As a fairly drought tolerant plant, Pothos are great for plant parents that sometimes forget to water as they will wilt when dry, but the heart-shaped leaves will perk right back up after receiving a drink.

Best Pothos Soil

As with most indoor houseplants, Pothos enjoy a well draining potting soil and a pot with drainage holes. This step in your Pothos plant care regimen is crucial in protecting your plant from root rot. No plant wants to be constantly sitting in a pot full of water because, just like humans, they need to breathe.

Popular Pothos Plants

There is so much variety within the Pothos genus and so many tropical vines worth collecting. Some popular Pothos Plants available for purchase at Garden Goods Direct includes the Golden Pothos, Marble Queen Pothos, Jade Pothos, and Neon Pothos.

Each version of Devil's Ivy has its own unique flare and colors that will have you wanting to collect each and every one. Whether it has your typical solid green leaves, or your Pothos leaves are splashed with variegation, the quick growing, easy-care houseplant brings tropical and naturalistic beauty to a space.

Propagating Pothos Plants

An added and heavily practiced benefit of Pothos plants, other than their easy care and rapid growth rate, is their ability to be multiplied through the process of propagation. These plants are one of the most heavily propagated plants, mainly because they regenerate and grow roots so quickly!

There are various methods of propagation, but most popular is the process of water propagation. To propagate your Pothos plant, simply take a stem cutting from your plant that includes one to two leaves and a node.

Place your Pothos cutting in a clear container with water and place in an area that receives bright indirect light. You can add rooting powder to your propagating plant promote root growth. 

The only step left is to wait for your baby cutting to grow roots, and this won't take long. Check back on your cutting in a few weeks to see roots sprouting. 

Pothos Frequently Asked Questions

Are Pothos Plants Toxic to Pets or Children?

All parts of the Pothos plant are poisonous if ingested by pets or humans. We do not recommend Pothos for homes that have pets that tend to eat houseplants. Contact your veterinarian if your pet has chewed on this plant and your doctor or poison control center if ingested by a child or adult.

Where Should I Put my Pothos Plant?

Because Pothos Plants easily adapt to their surroundings, you can pretty much place a Pothos plant anywhere within the vicinity of a window. The plants do require some sun to photosynthesize, but they can handle medium to lower lighting conditions better than most tropical plants.