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Azalea plants delight gardeners with a profusion of blooms, in a wide range of colors, flower size and form. Most flower in spring to summer, although some bloom three times per year as in the case of the Encore family of Azalea.  There are both evergreen and deciduous types available, and they include varieties that may be anywhere from one foot to more than four to five feet tall and taller. Gardeners in the United States can select from a tremendous array of varieties to find those that are adaptable to their climatic region, as well as the needs and requirements of their particular garden.

Buy Re-Blooming Azaleas Online

Azaleas are perhaps America’s favorite shrubs. Gardeners in almost every part of the country can enjoy some of these plants. Azalea is a very adaptable plant; with the necessary attention to soil, light, and careful selection, they can be grown throughout the Country.

Have you considered adding Azaleas to your landscape, but aren’t sure where to start? Let us help you with some information about our different groups of Azaleas.

Information on our best-selling Azaleas:

Deciduous Azaleas: Azalea such as Azalea Lemon DropAzalea Dragon FireAzalea Pink and SweetAzalea Tri-lightsand Azalea Ribbon Candy are deciduous plants which mean they lose their leaves in the winter. They do great in the full sun, and the flowers tend to be larger with the added bonus of fragrance. 

Encore Azaleas: Our largest group of Azaleas and by far the most popular. They are the best-selling azalea in the world due to their re-blooming habit, a kaleidoscope of colors and ease of care. The collection includes Red colors such as Autumn Bonfire and Autumn Ruby. White Colors like Autumn Moonlight. Purple such as Autumn Royalty and multi-colored like the amazing Autumn Twist. Truly easy to grow we’re pleased that our offerings of Encore Azaleas continue to grow.