White Azalea Bushes for Sale Online

Undoubtedly one of America's favorite shrubs, you will see White Azaleas as a part of many gardens across the nation. Known for their incredible adaptability and classy presence they add an extra flair to any landscape they're planted in. They support the natural ecosystem of our earth by providing shelter and nectar for pollinators. These shrubs attract bees, butterflies, birds, hummingbirds, etc. A trick to use when finding a spot for your new shrub is if you have any areas of your garden you want to cover up, plant them there. Have a crack in your foundation or an ugly gas meter in your yard? Planting an azalea bush in front of that will solve all your problems. They emit a beautiful fragrance that makes them the perfect plant for foundation planting or as the focal point of any garden. Their pure white colors contrast well with the dark green foliage bringing a brightness to your garden.

How to Care for Azalea Bushes


The best time of year to prune your Azaleas is during their blossoming season. You should prune them after blossoms have faded but before new blossoms bud. It is important to prune your shrub because it improves their overall health, and improves the appearance of your garden. Removing any dead or dying limbs helps minimize the possibility of diseases and allows your plant to re-concentrate its energy and produce more foliage. 


These bushes grow best when they are fertilized lightly in the spring when there is no possibility for any more frosts. The love an extended-release, well-balanced, fertilizer, we suggest using Espoma Holly-tone sold at Garden Goods Direct. Following this feed, fertilize again in about 6 to 8 weeks. This will encourage younger shrubs to grow more and create more flowering. Try adding a shot to some organic matter into your plant's soil for maximum effect. 


Mulching is not necessary, but we highly recommend doing so for your shrubs. The right mulch can add protection against weeds and extra nutrients for your plant. Try using high-quality hardwood or ground Cyprus in a layer of 2 to 3 inches. Remember to never cover the stem and always keep about 1 inch away from the mulch and trunk of your azalea. 


In the warm summer months, we recommend watering your White Azalea thoroughly and deeply to ensure your plant is getting enough water that equals up to 1 inch of rainwater. Make sure you are watering your shrub slowly, allowing the water to absorb into the root area and not becoming runoff. Avoid overwatering your shrubs because this can cause damage to the root system and even root rot. 

Buy White Azaleas Online From the Plant Experts

White Azaleas are a fan favorite shrub in the United States. They come in many varieties to choose from, making them a very easy plant to match to any garden's shape and style. 

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Types of White Azalea Bushes

Deciduous Azaleas

  • Weston's Innocence
  • Gumpo White
  • Weston's Lemon Drop 
  • Hardy Gardenia 
  • Pleasant White
  • Delaware Valley White 

Encore Azaleas

  • Autumn Lilly Encore
  • Autumn Starburst Encore
  • Autumn Twist
  • Autumn Sunburst
  • Autumn Ivory Encore
  • Autumn Moonlight Encore

Misc. Azaleas

  • Bloom-A-Thon White Shrub