White Annuals for Sale Online

If you are looking for beautiful and elegantly-colored annuals, white plants are the way to go! We have options such as Petunias and Dusty Miller plant options available at Garden Goods Direct. Whether you want a hanging basket plant, bedding plants, or a uniquely white foliage plant, we've got you covered!

Annual plants go through an entire life cycle all in one growing season. Plant your plants in the early spring or summer to ensure they enjoy an entire growing season before the first frost of the year withers them away. Some exceptions will set seed and reproduce the following growing season, but this is not common.

How to Care for Petunias

Petunias thrive in full sun and well-draining soil conditions. They are heat-tolerant and require a watering schedule of once a week to thrive. We recommend fertilizing your Petunias once a month during the spring and summer. Doing so will help them blossom large bright flowers all growing season long. These annuals look great when planted in hanging baskets or as mass plantings.

How to Care for Dusty Miller Plants

Dusty Miller plants prefer a sunny location with well-draining, moist soil conditions. We recommend watering your plant at the base to avoid watering their foliage and prevent any leaf spot diseases. This plant has no particularity to soil pH levels and can thrive in urban polluted areas. Always make sure not to overwater this plant. Overwatering can lead to root rot disease and permanently damage the root system.

Types of White Annual Plants


  • 'Easy Wave White' Petunia

Dusty Miller Plants

  • Dusty Miller New Look
  • Dusty Miller