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Pachysandra Terminalis

Also known as Japanese Pachysandra, it’s one of our favorite perennial groundcovers because of the aesthetic and functional benefits it brings to a landscape. If you have shady areas in your garden where grass or other plants struggle to grow, the Pachysandra is an excellent option for such instances and can cover unsightly areas, help prevent erosion on larger properties, and is low maintenance so you won’t have to fuss over it!

Growzone: 4-8

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Pachysandra Terminalis for Sale Online

Pachysandra plants are a favorite evergreen ground-cover that grows well in hard-to-plant areas, such as under trees or in shady areas with poor or acidic soil. It grows 6-8" high (sometimes even 12”) and spreads by rhizomes to form a dense carpet of rich, dark green foliage. Oval leaves (2-4" long) appear primarily in whorls at the stem ends. 

When spring arrives, tiny white, terminal, and fragrant flowers bloom and can be 1-2" long. While they aren’t super showy, they are a welcoming sign of warmer weather and add dimension to the green sea of leaves that will spread throughout the garden. 

Pachysandra is great for filling in any unused space in landscaping beds. It's showy features are a nice contrast of dark green foliage with tiny white flowers. Pachysandra works well to keep down weeds, and grows well in shaded areas of a garden where other plants or grass may struggle. This low maintenance groundcover helps prevent soil erosion.  Pachysandra makes an excellent planting partner with tall-limbed trees in any landscape.

Growing Zone: 4-8
Mature Height: 6-8 inches
Mature Width: Plant 6 inches on center
Sunlight: Part shade to shade
Water Requirements: water well until established
Selling Points: Deer Resistant evergreen groundcover
This Plants Growzone: 4-8
Pachysandra Hardiness Zone

How to Care for Pachysandra

After you buy Pachysandra online from Garden Goods Direct, follow the planting and care instructions below for the best outcome:



Just as with any plant that undergoes a transplantation phase, it needs extra water to support its growth and root system development. Water the groundcover regularly for the first while after it’s been planted in your garden, at least 1-2 times a week (depending on the precipitation and humidity levels in your grow zone).
Once it’s had a chance to establish itself after a few weeks, you can reduce the frequency of watering this groundcover. While it is a drought tolerant plant, the soil should ideally be moist rather than on the drier side. If you can avoid it, we do not recommend letting the soil dry out completely in between watering. However, if this does occur, your Pachysandra Terminalis should not be affected as long as you do not let it stay dry for extended periods of time.
We recommend checking the soil by hand and testing the moisture levels - if it’s damp, let it dry slightly. The ideal texture should be moist, not damp. It’s over watering that kills a plant more often than not. It will take some testing and adjustments to figure out a pattern that works for your schedule.



When you buy a Pachysandra online, it’s important to map out the right spot on your property where you plan to plant it. Japanese Pachysandra grows best in organically rich, medium moisture, and well-draining soil. Slightly acidic soil is best (a pH of 5.5. to 6.5 approximately). Due to their low maintenance nature, you can plant this groundcover at any time the soil isn’t frozen; we typically recommend planting it in early spring once the ground has had a chance to soften up and the risk of a hard frost hitting is low.
Once you buy a Pachysandra Terminalis plant, you can expect it to be delivered in bundles. We recommend planting 6-12” apart if the goal is to use it as a groundcover in an area of your property. The root system spreads rapidly by underground stems and will form large colonies.
Dig a trench that’s roughly around 3 inches deep (or as deep as its roots) and around 4 feet long depending on how many you plan to plant. Once you’ve placed the Pachysandra Terminalis into the trench, cover it with soil. It’s important to make sure that the plant is not too deep and sitting below the soil line; it’s best when the plant is level with the ground.
If you have a tree in your yard and want to add dimension or cover the space underneath it where other plants or grass will not grow, you can add up to 3 inches of soil surrounding the tree and plant the Japanese Pachysandra right underneath it. It pairs beautifully with taller trees, creates dimension, and adds a whimsical charm to your landscape.



The ideal time to add fertilizer is in the early spring, giving the plant an added boost of nutrients and support that will help it grow throughout the season. Annual fertilization is sufficient; we recommend using a slow release fertilizer like Bio-Tone Plus Starter Plus. It’s a long standing favorite within the gardening community, and we use it exclusively on our plants. The proven formula promotes growth from beneficial fungi, ectomycorrhizal and endomycorrhizal, that helps the plant absorb nutrients, protects against pests and disease, and much more.
Since the Japanese Pachysandra prefers and grows better in acidic soil, it’s important to maintain that pH level of 5.5-6.5 as mentioned above. If your soil isn’t naturally more acidic, we recommend using the Espoma Soil Acidifier to help you achieve the recommended level. Other acid-loving plants that make great additions to just about any landscape include hydrangeas, azaleas, and rhododendrons to name a few.



One of the main appeals of the Japanese Pachysandra is that it grows well in darker areas of a garden, therefore, it doesn’t require hardly any direct sunlight. In fact, its foliage tends to bleach when grown in too much sun. You will want to try to find a spot in your yard that provides shade over the groundcover during the high afternoon sun. Morning sun can be beneficial since it’s not as harsh as the afternoon rays.

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