Periwinkle Plants

Vinca minor

Periwinkle is a flowering perennial known for its small star-shaped blooms and their blue-purplish hues. Known for its rapid spreading when planted in the ground, this ground cover is best contained when potted. Also known as Myrtle, this vigorous trailing plant features glossy evergreen foliage and is shade-tolerant.

Growzone: 4-8

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This Plants Growzone: 4-8
Growing Zone: 4-8
Mature Height: 8 Inches
Mature Width: 6 Inches
Sunlight: Full sun to part shade
Water Requirements: Water well until established
Selling Points: Evergreen, flowering, spreads quickly, tolerant of all light conditions, fast growing
Details: An evergreen ground cover that makes a thick carpet of trailing stems. Blue, periwinkle flowers rise just above the deep green glossy foliage in spring. This is an excellent ground cover for shady areas of the landscape.

Periwinkle Plants for Sale Online

Vinca Minor or Periwinkle is one of the best ground-covers for shade. It’s an excellent choice for an erosion control specimen. Myrtle produces large, violet-blue, pinwheel-shaped flowers highlighted against glossy dark green leaves and is evergreen in most climates. Although this plant is shade-tolerant in warmer climates, it will tolerate full-sun in northern climates. However, growing Periwinkle in partial shade creates a more vigorous growth. 

Once established, Periwinkle is drought resistant and needs little other care if properly sited in the landscape. This plant grows in moist soils, but prefers nutrient-rich, moist soil. Native to Central and Southern Europe, Periwinkle usually blooms in May through June. 

  • Great for filling in the unused landscape bed area.
  • Has a tendency to climb a little.
  • Great for helping weeds from coming up.
  • Sometimes it will bloom from time to time in the summer.

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    Planting Information

    Before you buy a Periwinkle plant, make sure to read about the care instructions that are required and recommended to keep this plant healthy and thriving.

    How should I plant Periwinkle?

    How should I plant Periwinkle?

    We recommend planting your Periwinkle in an unused area in your garden landscape. This plant is commonly used as a ground cover, and grows rapidly - almost invasive. If you’re looking for a more controlled growth, we recommend planting your Periwinkle plant in a pot.

    How should I water Periwinkle?

    How should I water Periwinkle?

    Although Periwinkle grows best in moist soils, its vines are overall drought-tolerant once mature. We recommend watering your plants once to twice a week, depending on the humidity level of your climate to ensure its favored moisture level.

    How should I fertilize Periwinkle?

    How should I fertilize Periwinkle?

    We recommend fertilizing your Periwinkle plant once a month during the growing season with a balanced fertilizer. While fertilizer is not required for planting Vinca minor, it will result in a more vibrant foliage and additional production of blooms.

    What type of light is best for Periwinkle?

    What type of light is best for Periwinkle?

    Vinca minor grows in a range of light including partial sun, partial shade, and full shade. For the best results, we recommend planting Periwinkle in partial shade for optimal growth. Avoid planting in direct sunlight which can burn the foliage and blooms.

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