Early Blooming Groundcovers To Enhance Your Spring Landscape

Early Blooming Groundcovers To Enhance Your Spring Landscape

Mar 15, 2024

The spring season is upon us, and the best way to make a big splash in the landscape and really cover some ground, pun intended, is with a vibrant array of early-blooming spring groundcover plants!

Specifically, opting for a selection of beautiful groundcover perennials planted in mass is the best way to make a bold statement early on in the season. Keep reading to dive into everything there is to know about growing groundcovers and to get an expert perspective on which spring groundcover plant best suits your landscape!

creeping phlox growing as groundcover plant  around a tree

What Is A Groundcover?

Before we dive into the best varieties of early spring-blooming groundcover plants, it is important that we go over these plants to their core, starting with what makes a groundcover plant fit into the category that it does.

A groundcover is defined as 'any low-growing plant from less to an inch tall to up to four feet in height with a creeping or spreading growth habit.' This category of plants is typically used to cover large sections of ground while requiring minimal maintenance or upkeep.

What Are The Benefits Of Groundcover Plants?

Now that you know what qualifies a plant to be a groundcover, it's time to go over the multitude of benefits they provide to a landscape.

Control Erosion

The first benefit that groundcovers provide to a garden or yard outside of their breathtaking beauty is the power of erosion control! The low-growing nature of these plants, along with their dense root systems, aid in binding soil together and preventing erosion in otherwise erosion-prone areas.

Suppress Weed Growth

In addition to helping with erosion control, groundcover plants are superheroes in their ability to suppress weed growth naturally. Once established, these hardy plants work to crowd out unwanted, weedy visitors by giving them no space to thrive. Rather than using a ton of harsh chemicals that lead to runoff and water pollution, why not go the natural route and enjoy the added bonus of blooms and beauty when you plant groundcovers?


The last benefit that groundcover plants provide to a landscape is their low-maintenance nature. Build a gorgeous landscape without your blood, sweat, and tears when you pick plants that thrive completely on their own! Lucky for you, a good majority of groundcover plants require little attention or upkeep once established.

Early Spring Groundcover Plants We Love

If you aren't quite convinced that groundcover plants are for you, take a gander at some of our favorite early-spring-blooming groundcover plants available to you.


Coming in at number one on our list of spring groundcover perennials that we just can't get enough of is Dianthus. Producing a mass of bold neon pink blooms atop cool-toned foliage, Diantuhis Firewitch will explode in your landscape and bring a real wow factor.

close up view of emerald blue creeping phlox

Creeping Phlox

Next on the list is for the cottage garden growing, fairytale dreamers. Creeping phlox comes in a range of stunning colors and gently carpets masses of land to create a sea of color and blooms. Plant Emerald Blue Phlox for a magnificent cool-toned display that will light up any yard.


A fan favorite across many garden lovers is the classic green goddess that is pachysandra. The vibrant green color, paired with the delicate white blooms in spring, makes for a magnificent statement in any garden. Not to mention, these hardy growers thrive in hard-to-plant areas where many other plants fail to survive.

close up view of lamium purple dragon in bloom


Last but not least on our list of early spring groundcovers to love is lamium. Also nicknamed the 'dead nettle plant,' this delicate groundcover boasts uniquely scalloped silver-green foliage with pale pink hooded flower clusters. Lamium purple dragon brings a fairytale-feel to any garden and is a low-maintenance favorite among gardeners!

Shop Spring Groundcover Plants Online

Now that you've learned about the wonder that is groundcover plants, it's time to dive head first and give your landscape the glow-up it deserves! Shop our wide collection of groundcover plants online today and enjoy shipment directly to your front door! Gardening has never been simpler.