Pet-Safe House Plants

Cats and dogs have been a part of families for thousands of years and our attachment to these animals is as strong as ever. American’s alone own over 78 million dogs and 85 million cats across the 50 states. For as long as people have been living with pets we have also been living with plants. However, not all plants are safe for pets. Many plants are toxic to pets if ingested.

Pets are part of our family. We take care of them as if they are our children. Here at Garden Goods Direct, we know that you always want what’s best for your pets, so it is important to know what plants are safe to be in your house alongside them. Shop our selection of pet-safe plants below!

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Which Pet-Safe Plant Should I Buy for My Home?

The following list is only a shortlist of pet-safe house plants based on recommendations from the ASPCA. There are many options but these have been tested and deemed safe over time. However, just because plants are listed as "pet-safe" it's not recommended to let pets eat your house plants.

At Garden Goods Direct, we want to make sure that the house plant you choose isn’t toxic for your furry best friend, so the plants listed below are safe to ingest! If you're concerned about any of the plants listed, don’t hesitate to contact one of our plant experts for help on making a decision.

When looking to buy pet-friendly plants, it’s important to know which animal it is safe for. Not all plants that are toxic to dogs are toxic to cats, and vice versa. We suggest referring to the ASPCA's list of toxic and non-toxic plants for dogs and cats if you have questions about a plant that is not listed here.

Benefits of Buying Pet-Friendly House Plants

Many people choose to have plants inside their homes instead of only having them outside where they grow naturally. Why? Obviously, plants are a great way to add color and attractiveness to a home, but there are many other benefits as well! Here are a few of our favorite benefits of adding plants to your home.

Plants Help Clean the Air

Let’s be honest, pets sometimes make our houses smell less than ideal. Adding plants to your house can be much more than just a beautiful complement to your home. Many plants also help clean the air in your home and act as natural air purifiers. Plants reduce pollutants trapped in the air of your home by as much as 87% with just 24 hours.

If you’re looking to buy pet-friendly plants and you also want the benefit of cleaner air, we have just what you need! The options listed below also serve as great air-purifying plants for your home, regardless of the size:

House Plants Can Lower Background Noise

Plants have a dynamic surface area that makes them naturally help absorb and deflect noises. It’s obvious that plants like trees, bushes, and shrubs help absorb noise if you have them outside your house, but the same concept applies indoors as well! House plants will make your home quieter from ambient noise, which helps your pets feel more comfortable.

A few factors to help this effect:

  • The more plants mean less sound
  • Larger plants and planters will absorb sound better than small plants.
  • Plants placed near the walls will be more effective at reducing background noise than plants placed in the center of a room.

Plants Help Relieve Stress

Many studies have shown that plants can help relieve stress. The exact cause for this is still uncertain, but it seems that being around plants is calming for most people. Studies have shown a decrease in heart rate and blood pressure from being around plants.

How to Care for Pet-Safe Indoor Plants

House plants can be difficult to take care of. But finding the right plant for your lifestyle can make it a lot easier. Different plants require different amounts of light, water, and care. Choosing the right plant will help ensure that the plant thrives in your situation.

For information on how to repot a houseplant, follow the steps in our planting guide: How to Repot a Plant.

How Much Light and Water does it Need?

When searching for pet-safe indoor plants, be sure to get one that matches your lifestyle. For example, if you live in an apartment that doesn’t have a lot of natural light, get a house plant that will thrive in low light or one that can live off artificial lighting. If you tend to travel often, make sure to get a plant that is drought tolerant so that you don’t have to worry about it dying while you are away.

What Soil and Insecticides are Safe for Pets?

Plants can be very intriguing to your pets and you want to make sure that if your pet comes in contact with the plant that it won’t cause problems. We recommend using organic products such as Espoma organic potting soil or Bonide Insecticidal Soap for insect control. This gives you an added sense of comfort knowing that even if your pet comes in contact with the plant no harmful chemicals could be introduced.

Choosing the right soil for plants is crucial for their health and growth. Choose soil that provides your plants with the right amount of drainage, soil weight, and nutrient retention. If you are unsure of which type of soil to use, you can always find that information in the details section of each plant we sell.

Can I Use Fertilizer if I Have Pets?

As far as fertilizing your house plants goes it's best to use a water-soluble fertilizer such as Jack's classic house plant special. Granular and other organic top-dress fertilizers tend to add a level of curiosity to house plants as far as pets are concerned.

Fertilizing plants is another important factor in making sure your plant grows and thrives. Fertilizers add essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to the soil that are needed for plants to grow. Fertilizers also help plants when transitioning them to a new environment.

4 Tips to Keep Your Plants Safe from Pets

Taking care of plants with curious pets around presents a bit of a challenge. Pets can be notorious for eating plants and knocking them over. Here are a few tips to keep both your pets and plants safe from each other:

  • If you are worried about your pets eating your house plants, place the pots on tall sturdy plant stands. Decorative plants stand or tables are an attractive way to display house plants while keeping them out of your pet’s reach.
  • Place as many of your plants as possible on high, inaccessible window ledges or on top of tall cabinets. Mounting hanging baskets from the ceiling is also a good option.
  • One of the easiest ways to make sure that your pets are protected from your plants is to keep them separated from each other. If you have a room that your pets are not allowed in, think about putting most of your plants in that room.
  • The main reason pets are attracted to house plants is their love of digging in the soil. Consider covering the soil in your pots with decorative gravel. Gravel comes in many shapes and colors which makes it easy to match with any home décor.

Buy Pet-Friendly Plants from the Plant Experts

As America’s Online Garden Center, we’re proud to be your source to buy pet-safe plants. We deliver the highest quality pet-friendly plants right to your front door and you don’t even have to leave your house to order. Each plant we sell has Woodie’s Seal of Approval so that you can feel confident knowing your plant is healthy, vibrant, and ready to thrive in its new home! Our plant experts are here to answer any questions you might have while shopping for your next pet-safe indoor plants, so contact us today with any questions!