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Give your garden some easy-growing color by adding achillea plants. Achillea,also known as yarrow, is a beautiful perennial plant that’s easy to grow and maintain. With an average height of two-feet and colorful blooms that appear from June through September, these plants make for lovely low-maintenence focal points that can be mixed into borders or planted in mass.

Types of Achillea millifolium

Garden Goods Direct offers many varieties of achillea plants, including:

  • Achillea Moonshine: The moonshine achillea is named for its silver foliage, topped with broad yellow flower heads, and grows best in the warmer regions of the continental United States.
  • Achillea Pomegranate: The achillea pomegranate is warmer in color, with red blooms that make for excellent cuttings.
  • Achillea Strawberry Seduction: With similar colors to the achillea pomegranate, this plant is suited to the most hardiness zones in the continental United States.
  • Achillea Paprika: Rich Red Flowers are produced in summer. Paprika produces more flowers than other members of the Achillea Family. 

Why Plant Achillea in your Garden?

Achilleas are beautiful additions to any garden, with flowers that burst with color from June through September. The gray-green filigreed foliage draws the eye in the off-season. The bright flowers attract butterflies and pollinators throughout the summer, making for beautiful displays while supporting the local ecosystem. On top of the beauty they lend, yarrow is an excellent choice for beginning gardeners because of their minimal care needs once established and the ability to tolerate a wide range of soil types.

Tips for Choosing the Right Variety of Achillea

The most important part of choosing an achillea or yarrow plant for your garden is considering your local climate. Both the pomegranate and strawberry seduction cultivars grow well in zones 4 through 9, making them suitable for most areas of the continental United States. However, if you want the moonshine variety, you should live within USDA plant hardiness zones 6 through 9, as they prefer warmer climates. Always check to see the recommended growing area of a plant before purchase.

Beyond this caveat, you have free choice over which achillea plant to choose for your garden — we recommend selecting the one that fits your color preference.

How to Care for Yarrow Plants

Planting achillea millefolium plants begins with choosing the proper location. Find a spot in full sunlight for the best quality blooms. Try to pick a somewhat protected place from any intense winds to prevent the breakage of the tall, slender stems. Soil type is less of a concern, though yarrow prefers drier soils over richer ones. Once planted, don’t worry about fertilizing your yarrow plant, and water it well until it is established.

Once established, caring for Yarrow Plants is relatively easy. You can clip spent flowers down the stem near the foliage for a cleaner appearance and avoid too much spreading or flopping of your plant. Yarrow plants don’t need much attention during the growing season outside of some watering during periods of extreme drought.

Common Yarrow can be seen growing throughout North America in open wildlands and prairies. 

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