Cypress Shrubs for Sale Online

Cypress shrubs make for elegant hedges, groundcovers, and borders in the landscape. These low-maintenance evergreen shrubs work in a wide range of yard projects and are loved for their unique blue-green and golden hues, along with their extreme hardiness to the elements!

If you are looking for plants to add winter interest to your dull winter yard, cypress shrubs are a great place to start!

Benefits of Buying Cypress Shrubs

Hardy To The Elements

Cypress shrubs are long-lived and can withstand intense conditions that many other shrubs cannot. The hardy and adaptable plants will tolerate the sun's intense rays but can also handle conditions of shade as well. Additionally, these shrubs can impressively withstand both moist conditions and conditions of drought. The stunning landscape shrubs will also grow in a wide range of soil types, but they prefer moist but well-drained soil.

Once in the ground, your cypress shrubs will require little-to-no maintenance at all to keep up their stunning appearance! If you want a yard that looks great year-round but don't have time for all the pruning and upkeep, Cypress shrubs are the plants for you!

Deer Resistant

The next important benefit of Cypress Shrubs is their deer-resistant quality! In an article written by scholars at Michigan State University, Cypress shrubs are named as one of the best options to deter deer from grazing one's yard.

When you've put so much work into a landscape project, the last thing you need is the local woodland creatures coming by to have your beautiful plants for lunch! Cypress shrubs are known to be readily deer-resistant so you needn't worry about that!

Add Vibrant Color To Your Landscape

If you are looking to accent flower beds or incorporate a stand-out border into your yard, cypress shrubs are the perfect planting option! Coming in a range of vibrant hues from blueish-green to neon golden yellows, cypress shrubs will easily brighten up and light up a landscape.

How to Buy the Right Cypress Shrubs for Your Yard

What are your growing conditions?

The first step to designating which Cypress Shrub is right for you is determining your climate and growing conditions. The most full-proof way to do this is by calculating your USDA Grow Zone. We've gone ahead and simplified this process for you with our convenient and easy-to-use Find Your Grow Zone Tool!

To determine which Cypress shrubs will grow well in your specific grow zone, simply type your zip code into the Find Your Grow Zone Tool and let us do the rest!

What style do you prefer?

Once you've determined what Cypress Shrubs will grow best in your climate, you can move on to designating the specific style you want to go for in your landscape project.

Some Cypress shrubs have a low-growing and spreading habit, making them their perfect option for ground covers and container gardens! There are other Cypress Shrubs that have more of a mounding habit and work great to provide small hedges and borders where needed!

How to Care For Your Cypress Shrubs


The best time to plant your Cypress shrubs is in spring or until about six weeks from the first fall frost. Plant your Cypress Shrubs in full sun for the best results! Dig a hole as deep and twice as wide as the root ball of your shrub. Backfill the hole with soil and water your shrub thoroughly.


We recommend you water the shrubs daily for the first week and once or twice weekly for the first couple of months while your cypress shrubs are becoming established.


We recommend fertilizing your Boxwood Shrub in the growing seasons of spring and fall. Espoma Plant-Tone is a great all-natural option that will provide your plants with the balanced nutrition they need to thrive!

What are the Types of Cypress Shrubs for Sale at Garden Goods Direct?

Dwarf Hinoki Cypress

As a slow-growing shrub with a unique upright mounding habit, the Dwarf Hinoki Cypress is a popular option as a yard focal point or foundation plant! These eclectic shrubs are popular for use in creating Japanese Gardens! 

Gold Mop Cypress

Bright golden tones and stringy mop-like foliage makes this shrub a funky and bold addition to any landscape! Surround your Gold Mop Cypress shrub with a dark mulch border to really make those golden tones pop!

Gold Thread Cypress

Tolerant of the summer's intense rays and humidity levels, this evergreen...or should we say ever-gold shrub is a stunning option for an accent shrub in the garden or landscape. The Gold Thread Cypress shrub remains golden year-round making for a magnificent spectacle throughout the seasons.

King's Gold Cypress

The King's Gold Cypress is a shrub fit for royalty! Elevate your outdoor space with this shrub's vibrant golden tones and mounding growth habit.

Russian Cypress

The bright spearmint green color on the Russian Cypress is to die for! This is the ideal option for filling in rock gardens or planting in mass as an easy-care groundcover.

Buy Cypress Shrubs Online from the Gardening Experts

Cypress Shrubs bring vibrant color to a landscape, with little work required to keep them looking beautiful. Trust us when we say, you will not regret planting these magnificent shrubs!

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