Ninebark Shrubs for Sale Online

Physocarpus or Ninebark shrubs are little-known and underused shrubs native to North America. Ninebark shrubs do best in full sun or very light shade. Ninebarks provide four seasons of interest in the garden.

They typically produce white flowers in the spring and early summer. In the summer they have colorful foliage on arching branches that turns to vibrant fall colors. When the leaves fall off in the winter, the exfoliating bark steals the show.

Selecting a location for Ninebarks

Ninebark Physocarpus is a medium-sized shrub, that typically grows to 8 to 10 feet tall and about that wide. Physocarpus opulifolius is a multi-stemmed shrub that resembles a viburnum in growth habit.

Ninebarks adapt to most soil conditions and are notoriously easy to grow and care for. Ninebarks prefer slightly acidic soil to thrive. The addition of a Soil Acidifier Such as Espoma Soil Acidifier when planting gets them off to a good start.

Once they are established, ninebarks are drought tolerant and are a very long-lived shrub.

Ninebark's colorful foliage and flowers can be a welcome addition to the edge of the woods as the dark backdrop makes the colors of the flowers and foliage stand out.

Pruning Physocarpus Shrubs

Physocarpus shrubs may be pruned hard after flower to promote additional branching. Thinning out the larger and older stems is beneficial to the overall health of the plant. Major thinning should take place after the ninebark goes dormant in late fall or early spring.

Minor pruning can be done after the ninebark is through blooming. Ninebark can be cut back to about 1 foot above the ground every few years if desired.