Cherry Laurel Shrubs for Sale Online

Imagine lining your lawn with an evergreen hedge that’s easy to care for as well as beautiful. That’s what you get with our selection of Cherry Laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) Shrubs. The dark green foliage is highlighted by the white, fragrant flowers that bloom in the spring. The soft, showy clusters of flowers give way to berries to add interest in late summer and fall.

The broad range of sizes makes Cherry Laurel shrubs a favorite among gardeners and designers. Common laurel, or English Laurel as it’s also known, can be pruned to form a privacy hedge that will provide a showy screen during all four seasons. For those looking for a privacy hedge without the hassle of pruning, this is an easy alternative to common labor-intensive hedges.

Benefits of Cherry Laurel Shrubs

Soft Evergreen Appearance

The glossy green leaves of Cherry Laurels or 'Prunus Laurocerasus' are very similar in shape to their cousin, the bay leaf from the Bay Laurel, but you shouldn't cook with these laurel leaves.

Cherry Laurel leaves are evergreen but still soft, which will make them stand out in the winter against other evergreen plants. Beyond their beautiful texture and color, Cherry Laurel shrubs are also enjoyed for their extreme hardiness to the elements. The lustrous foliage on these magnificent landscape plants will surely add long-lasting beauty to your yard throughout even the harshest of winters.

Not to mention, depending on the variety you settle on, Cherry Laurel Shrubs can grow anywhere from 3 feet to 25 feet tall! This variety in height shows that there is a Cherry Laurel for any space- big or small- in the landscape.

Easy Care Regimen

On top of their stunning and hardy foliage, Cherry Laurels are great due to their low-maintenance and easy care regimens. Cherry Laurels have one of the lowest care needs for an evergreen shrub or hedge and are able to adapt to most climates and soil conditions.

Once established, Cherry Laurel plants are known to be extremely drought resistant and only require annual feeding and some light pruning. Additionally, these popular hedge plants are extremely fast-growing!

Benefit Local Wildlife 

Not only are Cherry Laurel Shrubs beneficial for your yard’s appearance, but they are also well-loved by local wildlife and pollinators! Pollinators will enjoy the frothy clusters of flowers in the spring, and birds will enjoy the resulting red berries in the summer and fall. These leafy shrubs are also great habitats for your local birds in the winter.

How to Care For Your Cherry Laurel Shrubs


The best time to plant a Cherry Laurel shrub is from October to March. Choosing to plant these shrubs in the cooler months allows for less stress and the plant's root systems will more easily develop in such conditions. This is not to say that you cannot plant Cherry Laurels in warmer months as well! It is just important to note that in the warmer months, your new shrub would require more frequent water to sustain life.

We recommend selecting a location that receives moderate to bright indirect sunlight.


Water your Cherry Laurel Shrub thoroughly after planting. Depending on your climate and the time of year, you will want to reevaluate your watering regimen. Laurels enjoy consistently moist soil, but it is also important that the roots are not constantly saturated.


To boost your Cherry Laurel's growth, we recommend using a well-balanced fertilizer in the growing seasons of spring and summer.

For more info on how to properly plant and care for your Cherry Laurel Shrubs, be sure to check out our in-depth plant guide: How To Plant and Care For Cherry Laurel Shrubs.

Types of Cherry Laurel Shrubs for Sale at Garden Goods Direct

There are many types of Cherry Laurel Shrubs available, and choosing the right Cherry Laurel for your growing zone or sun exposure is easier than it seems!

But before you dive into selecting a Cherry Laurel, you'll want to first ensure that your environment can sustain it. To quickly figure out your Grow Zone, use our handy and convenient Find Your Grow Zone Tool!

Schip Cherry Laurel

Schip Laurel, or Skip Cherry Laurel as it's often called, is a handsome shrub or hedge plant for filtered sunlight or dappled shade. Glossy, medium-green foliage with a refined look on a dense, vase-shaped form displaying a layered effect.

Stalks of fragrant white flowers appear in spring. This is one of the hardiest selections, as well as the tallest of the fast-growing Laurels. It responds to pruning very well, making this a prevalent choice for evergreen privacy hedging.

Chestnut Hill Cherry Laurel

Chestnut Hill Cherry Laurel is a compact form of the popular low hedge plant Otto Luyken Laurel. Glossy evergreen foliage looks good year-round. This can be used as a mid-sized privacy hedge in smaller landscapes.

Otto Luyken Cherry Laurel

Cherry Laurel Otto Luyken has lush growth and is a compact evergreen hedging plant. This shrub has glossy, dark green foliage with showy, fragrant white flower spikes and small black fruit.

Zabeliana Cherry Laurel

The Zabeliana Cherry Laurel is the perfect mid-sized Laurel Shrub that is hardy to a wide range of conditions. Hardy to harsh winters as well as heavy rays in the summer, these shrubs are the ideal option for a mid-sized privacy hedge.

Cherry Laurel Shrubs and Shothole

Cherry laurels are susceptible to 'shot-hole' - this is aggravated when water droplets are left sitting on the delicate leaves and burn through the leaf in the hot midday sun.

Lucky for you, Cherry Shot Hole Disease, although unattractive is often not a death sentence for your plant! With a few simple steps, the disease can be treated and you can protect your shrub from being impacted in the future with a few changes in your care regimen.

The University of Maryland has a helpful research study that dives into and explains the shothole phenomenon. For more information on how to treat and prevent the disease, we recommend checking out the study!

When it comes to treating and managing the issue of shot-hole, the first step is pruning back the affected areas of the plant. Additionally, you will want to apply a well-balanced fungicide to protect your plant early on in the season.

The most effective and efficient way to manage and defend against bacterial shot-hole is to avoid overhead irrigation. Instead, you should grow Cherry Laurels under protection and water the shrubs with a drip irrigation system at the base of the plant.

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