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Imagine lining your lawn with an evergreen hedge that’s easy to care for as well as beautiful. That’s what you get with our selection of Cherry Laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) Shrubs. The dark green foliage is highlighted by the white, fragrant flowers that bloom in the spring. The soft, showy clusters of flowers give way to berries to add interest in late summer and fall.

The broad range of sizes makes Cherry Laurel shrubs a favorite among discriminating gardeners and designers. Common laurel, or English Laurel as it’s also known, can be pruned to form a privacy hedge that will provide a showy screen during all four seasons. For those looking for a privacy hedge without the hassle of pruning, this is an easy alternative to common labor-intensive hedges.

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Cherry Laurels have one of the lowest care needs for an evergreen shrub or hedge and are able to adapt to most climates and soil conditions. Whether you plant it as a specimen or incorporate it as a privacy hedge we know you’ll be happy with your choice. While there are many laurel trees available, and even some Cherry Laurel tree varieties, we are proud to offer a refined selection of the Cherry Laurel Shrubs we recommend most for homeowners and landscapers.

Our Best Selling Cherry Laurels:

Schip Cherry Laurel

Schip Laurel, or Skip Cherry Laurel as it's often called, is a handsome shrub or hedge plant for filtered sunlight or dappled shade. Glossy, medium-green foliage with a refined look on a dense, vase-shaped form displaying a layered effect. Stalks of fragrant white flowers appear in spring. This is one of the hardiest selections, as well as the tallest of the fast-growing Laurels. It responds to pruning very well, making this an extremely popular choice for privacy shrubs.

Chestnut Hill Cherry Laurel

Chestnut Hill Cherry Laurel is a compact form of the popular low hedge plant Otto Luyken Laurel. Glossy evergreen foliage looks good year-round. This can be used as a mid-sized privacy hedge in smaller landscapes.

Otto Luyken Cherry Laurel

Cherry Laurel Otto Luyken has lush growth and is a compact evergreen hedging plant. This shrub has glossy, dark green foliage with showy, fragrant white flower spikes and small black fruit.

How to Plant Cherry Laurel Shrubs

Cherry Laurels are best planted in full to partial sun as this brings out the deepest color in the foliage. Very little is needed as far as care is concerned with well-established Cherry Laurels. Supplemental watering is sometimes beneficial during periods of prolonged drought. Pruning is best done in the spring.

In order to plant a successful cherry laurel hedge, you need to make sure they are spaced out appropriately. Allow approximately 3 to 4 feet between each plant, and then dig a hole for each laurel plant twice as wide and the same depth as the root ball. Amend the soil to add any drainage, compost, or organic materials, then position your shrub and backfill the hole. Keep the plant at the same depth in the soil as how it arrived. Water deeply, at least 5 seconds per gallon size. Mulch the area and push the mulch at least 1 inch away from the stems.

As your Cherry Laurels grow, they will begin to grow into each other and form a handsome hedge. Prune them in spring after their flower blooms are spent, and again if needed in the early fall after the heat of the summer has passed. You can use shears or hedge trimmers for a clean, manicured look. Start by trimming only dead and diseased branches, then slowly trim to your desired shape. It's easy to trim more, but it is impossible to re-attach branches if you trimmed too much! Start on the sides and work your way to the top, and remember to keep the base wider than the top of the hedge.

When first planting your hedge, you'll want to keep your laurel shrubs evenly hydrated. Long, deep waterings less often are better than trying too often. Or, you can use an irrigation tool like an irrigation hose to make the job easier. It is much better to water at the ground level than to water overhead. Cherry laurels are susceptible to 'shothole' - this is aggravated when water droplets are left sitting on the delicate leaves burn through the leaf in the hot midday sun.

Benefits of Cherry Laurel Shrubs

The glossy green leaves of Cherry Laurel Shrubs are very similar in shape to their cousin, the bay leaf from the Bay Laurel, but you shouldn't cook with these laurel leaves. Cherry Laurel leaves are evergreen but still soft, which will make them stand out in the winter against other evergreen plants. Pollinators will enjoy the frothy clusters of flowers in the spring, and birds will enjoy the resulting red or dark berries in the summer and fall. These are also great habitats for your local birds in the winter, as well as being deer resistant. These are reasons why Cherry Laurels are a great choice for homeowners.

The varieties that we offer at Garden Goods Direct are usually the more popular landscape-friendly dwarf or semi-dwarf Cherry Laurel shrubs... that doesn't mean they won't grow taller than you! Skip Cherry Laurels can grow to 10 feet tall at maturity, and they can get there relatively quickly with their fast growth rate. We sell West Coast Schip Cherry Laurels, which grow taller and faster.

Otto Luyken Laurels also feature dark glossy leaves and light flower clusters, but they are only going to grow to 5 feet tall at most. They are a compact dwarf within the Prunus laurocerasus family. This is perfect for framing a seating area or planting a border around a flower bed.

When you need Cherry Laurels, check out the many varieties available through Garden Goods Direct. As America’s number one online plant nursery, we make sure that garden lovers everywhere can order our carefully inspected plants easily online with the click of a button. We ship our plants and trees across the country, meaning you can stock up on as many as you need to fill your landscape with color and fragrance. Shop our selection of Woodie’s approved Cherry Laurel shrubs online today!