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Iris sun perennials are lovely flowers, recognized for their deep purple colorations and distinctive leaves. For a dark beauty to add to your garden, it doesn’t get much better than the iris!

Types of Iris Plants

Irises are well-known for their unique, showy flowers and their sword-like leaves. With more than 300 species, irises have plenty of variety, with specific types ranging in size, shape, and coloration. Almost all are linked, however, by their blue or purple flowers.

Garden Goods Direct offers four varieties of irises:

  • The Iris Caesars Brother:A Siberian cultivar with velvety purple flowers that appear in the late spring and tall leaves
  • The Iris Ensata Variegata:A moisture-loving species with blue-purple petals
  • The Iris Moonlight Waves:Another moisture-lover commonly found at pond edges and produces unique white blooms
  • The Iris versicolor:A robust variant with violet-blue flowers with white markings at the throat

Why Plant Iris?

Irises are beloved beauties, both as cut stems and as garden plants, providing color and texture to sunny landscapes. With their dark coloration and long blooming period, they’re certainly eye-catching specimens. Even better, many variants are highly attractive to pollinators and hummingbirds, meaning planting irises will often contribute to your local ecosystem, as well.

Tips for Choosing the Right Variety of Iris

The most key factor to consider when choosing irises for your garden is location. Irises do vary in regional compatibility, though most will tolerate USDA plant hardiness zones 5 through 8 — certain varieties will lean toward one end or the other. For example, the Versicolor and Caesars brother irises thrive in zones 3 through 8, while the ensata variegata and moonlight waves are better suited to zones 5 through 9.

Be sure to check the variety you like is suited to your local climate before purchasing. Beyond the location of your iris, you can choose the type you like from an aesthetic standpoint.

How to Care for Iris

Proper care begins with understanding how to plant iris sun perennials. Irises require sunny locations with soil that is very rich. Some varieties will prefer soil that drains well, while others may prefer more moisture. The planting unit is usually a rhizome — make sure you cover the roots but allow the rhizome to remain partially above the ground to avoid rot. If your soil is poor, consider fertilizing with a fertilizer made for irises and similar flowers.

Iris sun perennial care is easy once the plant is established. Water regularly — with special attention during drought periods — and fertilize once per year before the plant starts blooming, especially if your soil is of poor quality. At the end of the blooming season, let the foliage yellow before removing it, or else the plant may suffer damage.

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