Euonymus Shrubs for Sale Online

Euonymus shrubs are go-to plants for many landscapers and Gardeners alike, largely due to their interesting, thick evergreen foliage and their excellent behavior as hedge plants or as a ground-cover. Several varieties of evergreen euonymus shrubs are available for sale, each with a unique coloration that makes them interesting focal points or backdrops in a landscape setting. Euonymus shrubs are some of the best and easiest to care for hedge plants availible today. 

Some cultivars grow to be around 6 feet and are highly tolerant of shearing, making them a smart choice for privacy and border hedges. Others can be used as evergreen ground-covers or climbing plants. On top of these benefits, many varieties of this evergreen are highly tolerant of a range of weather conditions and deer, making them a year-round staple for your garden.

Ground-cover varieties of Euonymus can be used as an erosion control plant as they grow roots where they touch the soil. You’ll find that these plants are highly tolerant of even the worst soil conditions.

Have you considered adding Evergreen Euonymus Shrubs to your landscape, but aren’t sure where to start? Let us help.

Information on our best selling Evergreen Euonymus:

Euonymus for Groundcover or Low Hedges:

Euonymus Emerald Gaiety: Euonymus Emerald Gaiety can be a versatile ground cover for sunny or shady areas in the landscape. Also effective as an edger along paths or sidewalks, as a slope cover where it can also provide erosion control, as a foundation planting. If used as an ivy-like climbing vine for covering walls, chimneys or fences, it more easily flowers.

Euonymus Emerald n Gold: Euonymus Emerald n Gold is a lower growing variety with a very tight, dense branching habit. Foliage is a very nice bright green that is margined in golden yellow. This nice yellow margin turns a pinkish burgundy color during the winter months, giving the plant a very interesting look.

Euonymus Moonshadow: Euonymus Moonshadow produces masses of deep green leaves with bright yellow centers and will provide bold evergreen color in your landscape year-round. Plant it in groups or sweeps to use as a vibrant ground cover or low hedge plant. It also works well to create a colorful edge along driveways and walkways. Works well in a container where its spreading stems will create a lush, cascading effect over the side of the container.

Upright Evergreen Euonymus for Privacy Hedges or Specimen:

Silver King Euonymus: Euonymus Silver King is an excellent evergreen hedge plant with attractive, silvery-white margins on glossy green leaves.

Euonymus Green Spire: Euonymus Greenspire is a fast-growing shrub that tolerates cold temperatures, poor soil conditions, high temperatures, and wind and salt spray. Quickly creates a dense privacy hedge quickly.

Euonymus Manhattan: Euonymus Manhattan is a fast-growing shrub that tolerates cold temperatures, poor soil conditions, high temperatures, and wind and salt spray. It creates a dense privacy hedge quickly.

Golden Euonymus: An excellent choice for colorful Hedges and Screens, Golden Euonymus is an evergreen shrub that displays its boldly variegated foliage on an upright habit of growth.