Alocasia Plants for Sale Online

Alocasia Plants are indoor plants with soft green extra-large leaves. The elephant ear-shaped leaves hang at the end of slender stems and may start to droop when the plants receive unsubstantial amounts of water or lights. Ideally, water Alocasias when the soil is dry a few inches down and place in a spot where it receives bright, indirect light. In the same way, these plants are susceptible to root rot, so be sure there are holes at the bottom of the pot from proper drainage.

What should I do if my Alocasia has Spider mites?

Since they are tropical plants used to humid environments, they appreciate humidity and should be misted regularly. To get around this, you can place it in a bathroom, near a window, or place a pebble tray nearby. This humidity will also help to combat one of Alocasia's most common problems, spider mites because these critters enjoy dry conditions. If you do get spider mites, Prince the leaves and stems with soapy water and then apply neem oil.

How tall do Alocasias grow?

These plants can grow pretty tall, some varieties, like the Variegated Alocasia Elephant Ear, reaching up to 10 feet tall. They will grow towards their light source, so it is important that you rotate the plant to prompt balance.

Why are their brown spots on the leaves?

Alocasias can be sensitive to some substances in tap water. Before misting or watering your houseplant, let the water sit out for a day or two to allow the harmful salts, minerals, and chlorine to evaporate. Another solution would be to use distilled water.

The good news is that the Alocasia is known for being resilient. When neglected and all the leaves fall off, there is still hope. Take care of the plant, and keep a close eye on it and eventually, the leaves should grow back.