Purple Annuals for Sale Online

If you are looking for beautiful and regal-colored annuals, purple plants are the way to go. We have options such as Petunias, Annual Geraniums, Calibrachoas, and many other miscellaneous purple annual plant options. Whether you want a hanging basket plant, bedding plants, or a uniquely purple foliage plant, we got you covered!

Annual plants go through an entire life cycle all in one growing season. The best time to plant annuals is in spring or early summer so they can enjoy the growing season before beginning to wither away once the first frost of the year hits. Some exceptions will set seed and reproduce the following growing season, but this is not common.

How to Care for Petunias

Petunias thrive in full sun and well-draining soil conditions. These annuals are heat-tolerant and only require a watering schedule of once a week. We recommend fertilizing your Petunias once a month during their growing season to help them blossom large and vibrant flowers. These annuals look beautiful as mass plantings or in hanging baskets. 

How to Care For Calibrachoa

Calibrachoa plants love to receive at least 6 hours of full sunlight each day. They can tolerate some shade during the warmest parts of the day but thrive best in bright sunlight. They prefer well-draining soil and must be watered regularly. We recommend giving you Calibrachoa plants a deep watering after each fertilizing treatment to ensure they soak up all the required nutrients. 

How to Care for Annual Geraniums

These annuals look beautiful when planted as bedding plants or in a hanging basket. Plant them where they are in a sunny area with rich, well-draining soil conditions. These plants bloom mid-spring and repeat bloom until the first frost. We recommend deadheading the entire flower after flowers fade to encourage new blossoms. 

How to Care for Miscellaneous Annuals 

There are quite a few different plant species offered for purple annuals, and they all are unique in their ways. However, for most plants, there are a few universal care tips. We recommend always planting in well-draining soil conditions. Doing so will ensure your plants do not retain too much water and risk root rot disease. We also recommend feeding your plants once a month or maybe a bit more often (depending on the plant). However, too much fertilizer could risk the chance of burning your plant's roots. Almost all plants need some sunlight; it is best to do your research on where the best location in your garden is for your plants to thrive.

Types Of Purple Annual Plants 


  • Headliner Night Sky Petunia
  • Cascadias Rim Violet Petunia
  • 'Easy Wave Violet' Petunia
  • Cascadias Rim Chianti Petunia
  • Surfinia Giant Blue Petunia
  • Cascadias Rim Magenta Petunia


  • Calibrachoa Dark Blue
  • Calibrachoa Aloha Kona Blue Sky 

Annual Geraniums

  • Violet Geranium


  • Magadi Dark Blue Lobelia
  • Dark Eyes Fuschia 
  • Purple Fountain Grass
  • Persian Shield Strobilanthes
  • Mexican Heather 
  • Scaevola Whirlwind Blue
  • Heliotrope 
  • Variegated Purple Queen
  • Ageratum Bumble Blue 
  • Purple Queen Setcreasea