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Yew shrubs are extremely long-lived plants that are popular for their use as dense evergreen hedges.

The dark evergreen foliage will surely pop in any landscape project when you choose to incorporate Yew shrubs! As an added bonus, these popular landscape shrubs produce vibrant red berries that add unique flare and color to a dull winter landscape

Adaptable to a wide range of conditions, you simply can't go wrong with these hardy evergreen shrubs. In more recent years, people have even taken to potting Yew Shrubs and pruning them into topiaries! 

Benefits of Yew Shrubs


The number one benefit of growing Yews is the ease of mind of knowing that these stunning landscape plants will live a very long time. When you plant Yew, you can sleep easy knowing that these plants are hardy to the elements and will likely last a lifetime if cared for properly!

Slow Growth Rate

The next benefit of incorporating Yew plants into the landscape is their slow growth rate. While many love a plant that can quickly grow to fill a space, there are many benefits to a slow-growing plant worth reaping.

The main benefit of Yew's slow growth rates is its low-maintenance nature. Because the plant does not grow quickly, you only need to prune Yews once every year or so.

Unique Form

The Yew's upright columnar form and moderate height make it the perfect option for a statement piece in the garden. Popular for use in foundation plantings and formal gardens, Yews will certainly be a stand-out plant in the landscape.

As a cherry on top of the perfect sundae, Yew plants also produce red berries that make for a vibrant pop of color in the winter months!

Types of Yew Shrubs for Sale at Garden Goods Direct

There are many types of Yew Shrubs available, each with its own unique twist. Before you dive into our selections of Yew though, it is important that you determine if Yews can grow in your USDA Grow Zone. To quickly figure out your Grow Zone, use our handy and convenient Find Your Grow Zone Tool!

The Yew bushes that we carry are as follows:

Duke Gardens Plum Yew

Dense glossy needles emerge a vibrant green on the Duke Gardens Plum Yew. Growing in an upright, rounded shape, these unique shrubs can be kept small with infrequent pruning. Perfect for bordering small yards and gardens!

Hicks Yew

As one of our most popular varieties of Yew available, the Hicks Yew is loved for its vibrant green hues and narrow columnar growth habit.

How to Care For Your Yew Shrubs


When it comes to Planting Yew, the first step is to find a well-drained area in your yard. Additionally, you should find a spot that offers full sun to partial shade. It is important to note that Yew is very adaptable and will adjust to conditions of full shade if necessary.


Yew plants prefer moderate soil moisture levels; however, their hardiness allows them to tolerate short periods of drought or over-watering.


For best results, fertilize your Yew shrub in early spring. Espoma Bio-Tone Starter Plus is a great well-balanced option for your trees and shrubs.

Different Uses Of Yew Shrubs

According to The American Conifer Society, over 400 cultivars of yews have been named, the vast majority of these being derived from Taxus baccata(European yew) Taxus cuspidata(Japanese yew).

With such a versatile plant, there are so many different ways you can use the Yew in your landscape. Depending upon the variety of Yew that you select, the plant can grow anywhere between 4 to 60 feet tall.

Whatever your project, Yews are very adaptable and can easily work in a range of different yard projects. The most popular use of Yew shrubs is as a hedge or border. If you are looking to block your neighbor's view, consider planting a row of Hicks Yew shrubs!

Beyond being great for instilling privacy, these hardy evergreens can also work great in container gardens, and for use as a wind block or focal point.

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